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SummerDays Posts: 665
Im already being asked where the gang will be gathering night before the wedding for a pre dinner and drinks session. Given we have quite a few Aussies coming over looking for suggestions where food is cheap (but nice) and we can kind of invite people as we see them so dont have to say we are definitely having 10, 15 or 30 people come along. Any suggestions??
Alias Posts: 214
The Porterhouse in Temple Bar has a live band most nights and serves food. Usually pretty busy though, so you might have trouble finding room for a bigish group. You might be able to reserve a section.
december Posts: 1141
What about Luigi Malone's in Temple Bar? It's very cheap and cheerful, and good for large numbers! It has a lovely atmosphere too....
KDP Posts: 106
What about the Market Bar just off George st - really nice food! it's like tapas so could be really good for a big crowd - get everyone to share!
schratt Posts: 68
The Bank on Dame street do food up to about 10, I think. my friend had her pre-wedding drinks in there. I think I remember her telling me that the management weren't very friendly when booking tables, though: they wanted to know very exact numbers, etc.
stockbroking bride Posts: 2642
Bia Bar across from the Hairy Lemon have very good food reasonably priced as well.
b2b_Aug06 Posts: 68
I second stockbroking brides vote. got huge amounts of really delicious food there recently. And was quite reasonable, especially for things like chicken wings and other nibblies. :)
snozberry Posts: 1212
we went to market bar on Fade Street (off Georges St - would be parallel with Georges St arcade) Great food really reasonable, you could probably reserve the upstairs area which has its own bar.... no music but the atmosphere is lovely.
Mrs Neadi* Posts: 1128
the Mercantile on Dame Street used to be a very regular haunt of mine! gets pretty busy on a friday night but you can reserve sections - we used to hold the section up at the back, 3-4 tables and the food is good too - though it's been 2 years since i've eaten there!
bernie Posts: 58
What about Cafe en seine they do platters which would be good with a crowd I think you can book upstairs free of charge and they usually have a member of the floor staff up there to take your drink orders.