Hi all, I have provisionally booked city hall for a humanist wedding, I have my solemniser booked also. Im about to put my deposit down for City Hall, on reading their regulations is states [i:1v5skv8w]"it is important to note that only a couple wishing to book city hall may apply for registration of the venue for the solemnisation of civil ceremonies. Application must be made to the registrar at the address below. Approval is granted for each individual ceremony only" [/i:1v5skv8w] can anyone clarify what this means for me? I thought City Hall is already registered for Civil Ceremonies? Is this the same as giving your 3 months notice of intention to marry? I thought I had gotten my head around the legality of getting married. Can anyone who has gotten married in Dublin City Hall give me an insight into how it is all completed properly! My head is melted O:|