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jessbud Posts: 429
Hi all. I am still on my venue search and its getting ridiculous at this stage, as soon as I think I've found the right place I spot somewhere else, going to have to ban myself from the internet. Anyway its been narrowed down to Louis Fitzgerald and City North Hotel. The Louis is a 500 euro deposit which is great but the Citynorth is 1200 euro. Has anyone ever haggled about their first deposit, I think 1200 is a lot. Any advice or help would be great. The rate I'm going my wedding date will have come and gone and I'll still be looking for a hotel. :o(
FinallyMrsH Posts: 358
Jessbud, Personally I think that 1200 is a fair enough deposit, our Hotel is €2500 now, it was €2000 when we booked and then another €2500 six months before the wedding. Too small of a desposit for a hotel leaves it easier for couples to walk away and having the hotel standing. That aside, don't know the Louis Fitzgerald Hotel, but I love the room in the City North Hotel with the Big Chandlier, good luck with the search.....
emsbride Posts: 76
Maybe ask can you pay half now and half in two months or so would that satisfy you. I am getting married in the City North Hotel so I am going to be biasd anyway! Any questions give me a shout. Best of luck!
sinead266 Posts: 914
hi, i stayed in the louis Fitzgerald hotel and the rooms are lovely inside, and the hotel is lovely aswell.
jessbud Posts: 429
Oh Emsbride I envy you. We decided to go with the Louis Fitzgerald, room is right size and its handy for all dublin family although love the City North and would have loved to have it there but too much hassle. Deposit is 750 so bit more manageable for us. Thanks for the replies girls.