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mrsmoo2202 Posts: 1930
Wondering if its worth going to.... Edited cos I got my 2 for 1 tickets.... And it has the decency to start after the rugby :o0 Still wondering if it's worth going to? Has anyone gone before?
Smileykaz Posts: 7296
We went to the one in 2010 and booked three suppliers there I think. The thing I liked about it was that bercause it was smaller than the RDS there were more local suppliers like. From Dublin/Kildare area say. Like, in the RDS there were bakers from Donegal there for example. I wasn't booking a baker from Donegal, no way was I running up and down the country, no matter how good her cakes! But at Citywest, the bakers were more local, much better! Not that there were ONLY Dublin suppliers there, but a lot of them were. We found that a lot of the suppliers didn't take credit or Laser cards, so if you were paying a deposit, it had to be cash. And there was no ATM there. There was an ATM in the hotel, but it was out of order. So bring cash! All in all it was a nice couple of hours. Depends on what you're looking for though. If you're just going for a goo then go along, but if you're specifically looking for say just cars, do check how many car companies are exhibiting, just to make sure it's worth your while going. Enjoy! (Oh PS, as with all wedding fairs, it was really hot! Loads of stalls, lights and people packed into a room makes for a stuffy atmosphere. So dress lightly, leave the jacket in the car and bring a bottle of water! This goes for all wedding related events!)