Civil ceremony at An Chuirt

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chocaholic gill Posts: 52
Hi everyone! My h2b and I are thinking of having our wedding reception at An Chuirt. We're having a civil ceremony. My sis-in-law to be popped in to the hotel yesterday and saw it set up for a wedding - thought it was really impressive. She asked how many people could attend the civil ceremony. The receptionist wasn't sure but thought about 20.....we're thinking 200!!! Does anyone know for sure how many guests they can accomodate?? I know they can cater for over 200, but I'm worried we'll not be able to have the whole day at the hotel. If we can't hold the ceremony there, can anyone suggest a venue thats big enough? Thanks :wv
rathkenny Posts: 936
Hi chocaholic gill :wv An Chuirt is brilliant but I'm slightly biased as I'm getting married there in July. :-8 For the reception it does hold 200+ but I haven't heard of a civil ceremony being held there before. I would think that you probably wouldn't be able to use the same room for the ceremony as the reception because they'd usually start getting the room ready for the reception that morning & the civil ceremony would require a different layout. They'd probably be thinking that you could use the separate dining room for the civil ceremony which I'd actually think could hold a fair few (maybe 100?). This is all just me speculating so maybe give Lewis the manager a call. He is really helpful & professional & I'm sure he'll be able to offer some suggestions. I'm not from the area so I wouldn't be too sure on alternative locations but would there be somewhere in Glenveagh National Park? I believe there's a castle there. All the best with the preparations & welcome to WOL by the way!! :wv
rathkenny Posts: 936
I forgot to say that we have an An Chuirt thread on the Northern Ireland Weddings forum if you need anymore An Chuirt advise!
chocaholic gill Posts: 52
Thanks Rathkenny! I had thought of Glenveagh National Park. Will contact them in them on Monday. I spent alot of the night trying to come up with ways to fit people into An Chuirt.... Where are you getting married? I'm from Belfast, my h2b is from Dunfanaghy just down the road from An Chuirt. But we live in London! Its very difficult to organise a wedding from this far away. Cheers again for the advice O-O x
rathkenny Posts: 936
I can only imagine how hard it is to organise from London! :eek I'm from Dublin, living in Kildare & I'm finding it tough enough to organise when I don't know the area that well! The most difficult thing has been sorting out my hair & makeup as I really didn't know who was good/bad/awful!!! My H2B is from outside Letterkenny & we're getting married in his old local church in Glendowan/Church Hill. It's a gorgeous little church in spectacular spot overlooking a lake - there's no way you'd get that scenery in Dublin! I'll ask my H2B if he can think of anywhere for a civil ceremony and let you know. :wv
halloweenbride Posts: 283
Hi there chocoholic gill!! Me from Dunfanghy (well Portnablagh actually) and reception in An Chuirt too. Trying to think of a nice place for your civil ceremony- Glenveagh would be lovely but have never heard of anything like that taking place there although they do allow wedding parties in to the castle grounds for photos etc- think they charge 100 euro for that- so maybe they are open to events like yours. I cant think of anywhere else locally. But if i come up with any ides will let ya know- do come and have a look at our An Chuirt thread like Rathkenny suggested- its really helpful. Let us know how you get on!! p.s wonder do i know your h2b??!!
the wedding present Posts: 8
Hi folks, we were married at an chuirt in may. we had a civil ceremony with approx 75 people attending which was absolutely wonderful! I cant praise Louis and his staff highly enough, they really looked after us and all our guests.We had a handful of vegetarians and a few guests who are coeliac and they all really enjoyed their meals.It's a beautiful hotel in a fab location and i really do recommened it. :wv