Civil ceremony booklet advise please!!

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cillcakes Posts: 174
Hi this is the part I have avoided .No idea really .have company that can make them and our looking for my final details? I'm having a few readings you normally print these in or just ref a reading? Hse gave me a guideline of ceremony I know can just ref that. Declaration etc Would you order for all your guests or half or 75% Just want something simple
CasualBride Posts: 574
I think for the civil ceremony, most people are still not used to them, so the booklets can be really good to give everyone an idea of the order of things. If you just want to keep them simple, you could just a single sheet of card, printed on both sides, more to outline the sequence of events than anything else, and if you have space for your readings, include them. I do think that people would like to have them more for a guide to what to expect than to read the readings etc. but that's just my own opinion. I'd go with 50 - 75% cos loads of men never bother picking up the ceremony leaflets and just look over the shoulder of their partner!! :)
cillcakes Posts: 174
Thanks casualbride !x ye I agree I said same about the men ! They will have little interest . I like that idea of card tks going to look into it and go with approx 75% thank you ;)