civil ceremony equivalent of prayers of the faithful?

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whoop whoop Posts: 1616
I like the fact that in Catholic ceremonies, the prayers of the faithful are a good way to get lots of people involved by giving them a role. Has anyone ever seen anything in a civil/humanist/secular ceremony that is a way to get lots of people involved? (without having to have 8 readings or something!)
6t Posts: 19
I havent heard of an equivilent but for us, to get lots of people involved, the 2 readings we've chosen have 4 verses in each and we're getting a different person to read each verse. Will probably be mayhem on thd day!
whoop whoop Posts: 1616
Yeah that's the kind of thing I mean. I had been skipping really long readings, but maybe I should revisit them... Another idea I heard was a kind of series of 'blessings' that people read out e.g. May your marriage be filled with fun and laughter, May you grow a sense of community, may you find strength in your marriage during tough times etc. each one being about 3 lines long. My only issue is that it might come across a bit self-indulgent - prayers of the faithful tend to be about others, whereas the blessings are all about the couple.