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Marty2014 Posts: 8
Hi girls. we're having our civil ceremony at our hotel. we're not using a HSE registrar so we can have whatever we want at it. what sort of music are you guys having?
ammygirl Posts: 248
Hi Marty, we're having a civil too. We have booked a harpist/singer for the ceremony itself. After the ceremony for the drinks reception we have a pianist. For the ceremony we are playing 4 songs during it. And she will sing and play as the guests are arriving and getting seated.
nuttybride Posts: 594
hey, we are having a HSE registrar civil ceremony so anything but holy music goes which is why I wanted civil ceremony in the first place so not worried there We will have prob 4 songs in the whole thing- have a string quartet So bride/BM entrance music song for sand ceremony and then for signing of registrar and then a song for us leaving Going with All You Need is Love for us walking out together and Im thinking My Love by Sia for my entrance. Might go classical for the others but not decided yet
stupidname2013 Posts: 924
We have my brother playing acoustic versions of some of my favourite songs... Walking into: Muse - Unintended Then I can't remember the order but Jose Gonzales - Heartbeats, Christina Perry - Thousand Years and Bob Dylan (or Edele) - To Make you feel my love... HTH!