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weektee Posts: 468
Hi, So, we are having a Civil Ceremony in April up North. It is going to be quite a big wedding. What happens with these tho? Is there a run-through the day before or anything? Or does everyone just wing it on the day? I can still walk up the aisle and all, I don't have to walk up with h2b? Also, we are gong to have music throughout, a song up the aisle, one during the signing of the register and then one going back up the aisle. The registry office suggested we do readings to personalise it also, but where do these slot in? Has anyone been part of/been to a Civil Ceremony? Can someone fill me in on what happens! Thanks xx
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Hi weektee! We're also having a civil ceremony. I don't think the registrar will make themselves available beforehand for a rehearsal, but I'm hoping to get everyone to at least walk through it the evening before. As for the reading, we were told it happens just before the signing of the register. Are you also doing the candle ceremony? We are because we think it makes the ceremony a little longer and also gives two extra opportunities to introduce music - one for lighting the two candles, and one for lighting the unity candle at the end. But maybe that just happens in the south as an offshoot of the traditional Catholic ceremony?
weektee Posts: 468
I'm not sure, I don't think we will be doing the candle lighting. The registrar never mentioned it, nor did the people at the hotel so I don't think it's "done". I could be wrong though! So, we have our own rehearsal, then? I am the first in my family and friends who is to get married and I have no idea what happens when. It's terrifying! Who does the readings? And, I am having 2 flowergirls, where do they go during the ceremony? I think I may be freaking out! :-8 xx
blueswallow Posts: 1244
Weektee, I know exactly how you feel. I too am the oldest and first to marry in the family and neither I, nor my fiance, have even been to a civil ceremony before, so we're trying to figure it all out too. I'm having two bridesmaids and my H2B is having best man & groomsman. We were originally told that the two witnesses and ourselves would be seated at the top but I didn't want the other two in the bridal party to be left to one side, so we're having just the two of us sit at the top and the bridal party seated just behind us in a kind of short front row separated from the rest of the guests and just letting the two witnesses come forward for the signing of the register. I'd say there's a degree of flexibility within reason on how you arrange it all. Anyone done this before that could shed a bit more light?
KC2B Posts: 49 ... office.doc Check out the above it gives you details and proposed running orders and where you may want to make your own insertions. This is for the Belfast area some districts may have slight variations. HTH
blossimhill Posts: 400
Hi girls got married last fri week and it was a civil cermony like ye i never attended a civil cermony before and did not know what to expect :eek :eek , but we had a lovely registrar, a week before the cermony she took me to see the room and explained what we could do to it like arrange flowers or put candles around it, we went through the cermony, she gave us the basics of what legally had to be said then we could add bits ourselfs, lighting candles and doing readings are optional and time fillers as the basic cermony is so short. It was so relaxed, we arrived together and met our guests we only had 40 people attend the cermony, everybody commented on how relaxed it was, so dont panic the registar talked us right through the cermony u dont even need to rehearse it. If there are any questions ye want to as me go ahead. :wv
tilsun Posts: 4506
weektee Posts: 468
Yeah it will be a big wedding, but we are having it in the ballroom of a hotel up north... So, thats not an issue, thanks though. I think I'm going to ring the wedding coordinator and have a chat with her! I am nervous about everything. They do weddings in the hotel every Saturday (sometimes 2), so I know I don't need to worry. Eventhough I am! Thank you so much girls xx
doesmybumlookbiginthis? Posts: 480