Civil Ceremony Songs

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jmeath Posts: 5740
s thinking of a processional song (Cannon in D), a song after the vows (Songbird - Eva Cassidy), a song while signing the register (Shanina win - From This Moment) and then a song for wlaking down the aisle.... Is this ok? Ive to get my ass back in wedding gmode ...7wks today!
bijou Posts: 1154
That all sounds lovely to me! :wv
jmeath Posts: 5740
tks bijou....the recessional song is drivinme mad....and as for deciding bewtween Shania Twain (From This Moment On) and Ronan Keating (This I Promise You) for during the register....!!! Decisions decisions!!
nicky987 Posts: 94
sounds lovely
bijou Posts: 1154
I'm walking down the 'aisle' to Jesu joy of mans desires.
Ryan Morgan Posts: 135
Hiya A nice recessional song is "She" by Elvis Costello, Nella Fantasia, Time to Say Goodbye, or (my favourite at the mo) "Greatest Day" by Take That Ry
jmeath Posts: 5740
I love Take That...was going to have it for walking into the reception room but thinking id like it more for the recessional.......... Just have to think of an entrance song to the reception room now!!! :o)ll