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Lollipops29 Posts: 38
So I stupidly thought having a civil ceremony was going to be a piece of cake but there's a little but more too it than I originally thought, so could anyone tell can I book the registrar without doing anything else yet? I have read the info that was put up on the wol blog but maybe I'm tired coz I'm still none the wiser? Plus does anyone have a civil ceremony template? Tia Xx
Funwedding Posts: 190
Hiya Im having a civil ceremony and pretty clueless about it all too!! I have a solmoniser booked. We got a recommendation for the same one from loads of hotels. We have our notice of intent meeting in a few weeks and I believe you get a template at that so hopefully I will know more but defo following this thread.
JoRooney Posts: 8
Hi Tia, We booked the appointment with the Registar in Lombard House first. Then we looked at venues the appointment was 2 months later so by the time the appointment in Lombard House came along we had the venue and solmeniser organised. Jo
MrsMc2014 Posts: 51
You can get married by a HSE registrar either in a registry office or at an approved venue 9-5pm Monday to Friday. If you want the registrar to come to your venue you need to book well in advance, especially for popular days/months. You can get legally married by a humanist in your venue too. Either way you have to register your intent to marry more than 3 months in advance. I'm having a HSE registrar come to my hotel as I'm getting married on a Thursday. I rang and book them for mid October in January and booked out intent to marry meeting at the same time. If you want them to come to your venue you have to submit a venue approval form completed by your venue. It's quite straightforward and we had approval within a couple of weeks. You can get married in a registry office in a small low key ceremony and then have whatever kind of non legal ceremony you like in your venue on your reception date. In that case you're essentially hiring someone to just 'perform' a ceremony iykwim
Sarah4 Posts: 309
We booked our apt for the notice of registration of marriage at lombard street, literally just phoned them and booked it. I think you need to have your solomiser arranged before you actually go to this meeting so once you book it ( there is a lead time) then arrange who you want to marry you and the date and time. Our WEDDING is next april and its a humanist ceremony. i do have my humanist booked and i struggled to get one available even 14 months in advance.
Lollipops29 Posts: 38
Thanks so much to all your replies girls, we have the venue booked and just need a registrar, so I just ring the registry office and book the registrar. Lol I am having a mental block trying to wrap my head around all the talk of humanist, solminiser and registrars!
emma1987 Posts: 95
Hi there, We are also having a civil ceremony and thankfully our venue didn't charge us to have the ceremony there. We booked ours in 2012 and had our "intent to marry" meeting in Dec 2012. So it was some time ago at this stage....Flew in. Getting married in 3 weeks. A civil ceremony can be just as stressful as a church ceremony, that's what I've found. Because it's a little bit more personal you will find yourself stressing out about the littlest things. From readings to the music. It's a bigger catalogue to choose from when you take the religious side out of it. But try to stay calm and do as much in advance as possible. Emma :wv