Claiming off Apt Building Insurance

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LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
Has anyone ever claimed off their apartment building insurance? we need to make a claim and the management company says as its on "our domain" (balcony) that we have to look after it (making claim with insurance compnay, is this correct? they also said that we pay an excess? is this also correct? I know when making a claim on your home or car insurance etc you make it but because this is not our own private policy should the excess cost not be covered in our management fees (when i say management fees they have some name on the budget they send each year that covers some costs...sorry dont know the name!) but we both feel we shouldn't be paying the excess or looking after the claim as technically you don't own your own balcony it belongs to the building! I can cope with looking after it but not paying the excess! any help much appreciated...thanks :thnk
Snuddlums Posts: 1644
What exactly is the reason you are claiming off the insurance?we have claimed from our building ins twice and have had to pay excess on both occaions (€1000 is our excess)Our management fee doesnt cover it.We used a company to deal with insurance company-we just notified the company so they could lodge the incident with insurance company.Pm me if you want any more info
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
thanks for the reply snuddlums, I pmd you. :thnk
FlexyDee Posts: 4904
Girls, may I ask who ye are insured with?????????
AuntieD Posts: 760
I had to have my bath replaced and then the tiles in the ensuite aroudn the shower and the buildings insurance covered both (with an excess of 250 on each claim) and I'm in an apartment. I thought I would have to claim on my own insurance but I'm only covered for contents not for building damage (shower leaked and caused damage to tiles and floor). I'd double check with the management company and ask for the contact details of the insurance company as you are paying for them in your fees
lobosgirl Posts: 340
I haven't claimed off insurance, but on the balcony front I consider it part of my apartment rather than part of the building, as such. Although as previous poster said they could claim when they had a problem with the bathroom, so then I guess it should be covered. Best of luck with it all.
Cinnabon Posts: 2626
We have just had this out recently with our management company and the individual is responsible for the excess on any claim. If a few apartments are impacted the claim should go in as one so that there is only 1 excess and it can be divided among the people claiming. Also get the management company to clarify who is responsible for the balcony upkeep and maintenance - ie painting railings/treating decking etc - it turns out in our case it is the management company and they need to treat the decking ASAP before it rots and we all fall through it :ooh If the excesses were to be covered in your management fees you would have no sinking fund left and the annual fees would just keep going up and up. If you want anymore info PM me as I am quite heavily involved with our management company.
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
thanks girls for your replies, I have received the claim form from the management company and gave ti back to them to fill out the policy holder info as it asks for VAT etc! so will collect it at lunch. amazing mrs p, apparently nobodies balcony belongs to them, it is part of the building, I only found this out through a friend resently so I was presently surprised at that as I thought it belonged to us. (however i do stand to be corrected on this as i'm going by second hand info) :wv fmh62 thanks for that, he said "as the balcony is your domain you look after the claim" they dont clean if for us or anything they don't even clean the outside of our balcony that everyone else gets done...we've had it out with them and its got nowhere! but that's another days story! so it seems we have to pay the excess fee so, so i'll get onto the insurance co when i get the form back and go from there. I HATE looking after these things! fmh62 hope you get your decon sorted soon! sounds like a awful thing :ooh luck our balcony has stone!
hollacia Posts: 422
My brother is a loss adjustor and he just told me that anything you can't bring with you if you were to move out of the apartment (ie tiles, baths, wooden floors etc) are covered by the block insurance.
LeonardandPenny Posts: 2684
thanks hollacia thats good to know. There's a guy coming out tomorrow morning and I rang the insurance co and wei've to pay €1500-2000 excess :ooh I nearly feel off my chair my dh is out of work we only have my wages (no dole either) and there is no way we can pay that much I can barely afraid €15 never mind €1500 DH is gonna hit the roof when I tell him. :weep