Claiming on dental insurance and prsi???

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Mrs Summer Posts: 5040
Can i claim on both??? I am getting major dental work done including crowns, fillings, whitening ect..... and I have a VHI dental plan and also PRSI but Im not sure how it works on claiming, can anyone enlighten me please. Thanks, Mrs S.
OrTees Posts: 907
As far as I know you can only get a check up covered now with PRSI, although I could be wrong. Depending on what treatments you are getting, you might be able to claim the balance of whatever the insurance doesn't cover on your Med2 at the end of the year- some treatments are not covered on this.
iuil1999 Posts: 172
I agree with OrTees, I don't think your PRSI will cover any of it! Claim what you can back off your dental cover and get the dentist to fill out the MED2 for you and submit that with your MED1 at the end of the year. The crowns are allowable but the fillings and whitening aren't.