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Deirdre R Posts: 61
Hi Ladies, Just wondering if anyone has ever been clamped on their wedding day or on the way to the hospital to give birth... clamping is back in the news this week, so wondering how many others have been affected... >:o( D x
lux Posts: 6270
My friend was clamped outside her own apartment in her own space because of a cranky neighbour reporting it. She had to pay up and appeal-took her months to get her €150 back. My dad was on chemo a few years ago, he was well enough one day to go out for a meal and we were clamped in the restaurant car park, we had a disabled permit to park but it fell down. The clampers were w*nkers, my dad had no hair and weighed about seven stone and could barely walk. I was livid and working in law at the time, so I let rip and told them I'd be seeing them in court for causing distress and affecting my father's health for delaying his return to Beaumont.
Deirdre R Posts: 61
That's awful.. did you get anywhere with your dad's case?
lux Posts: 6270
I got the money back and the clamping company gave a donation to the Irish Cancer Society, only after I threatened court though!
gillette Posts: 1803
Good for you Lux, that was definitely worth pursuing