Clanard Court Hotel/Seven Oaks

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girly1 Posts: 1
Hi Ladies, Hoping to go view Clanard Court Hotel and Seven Oaks Hotel in the coming weeks as possible wedding venue. Anyone any experience with either?
lynchswife Posts: 81
Clanard Court is a lovely hotel. I haven't been to a wedding but when I moved to Athy we stayed in the hotel as a treat while we were knee deep in moving boxes and tins of paint. The staff were nice, rooms are lovely and the food in the bar was delicious! Its a lovely hotel, has really nice grounds and the drive up is something you expect for a hotel specializing in weddings. Seven Oaks in Carlow... now I have never been inside it but whenever I drive by it I always think "its very yellow!" Ill be honest, it doesnt look that much from the outside but then again I only zoom by it on the way to Carlow to do some shopping so its probably not fair for me to pass a judgement. The downside to Clanard Court is there is very little in Athy town. Depending on where your coming from the surrounding area might bore your guests. If I travel for a wedding I love going for a little wander around the town the next day before I head home. Whereas Seven Oaks is very central in Carlow and theres lots more shops. Then again maybe thats just me, I wouldnt pick your hotel based on what the guest may or may not do the following day! And one last thing, I was in the Clanard Court about 2 weeks ago for a slimming world class (not my usual class) and they seem to be getting some work done! Im not sure what they're getting done but there is some scaffolding up on the outside. It shouldn't bother you too much as it'll obviously be finished before your wedding day but just so your expecting it and it doesnt throw your first impression too much! And good luck!:)
Knightsbride Posts: 115
Hi there! I went to view the Clanard Court a while back and have to say I was suitably impressed. A friend of mine was planning on booking it (which she subsequently did) and asked me to go with them to their wedding showcase (us brides to be always have a better eye for the detail!) to see what I thought of the place. If their wedding event was anything to go by then they know how to do a wedding right! The whole set up was so professional and they certainly went over and above what I'd expect and have experienced at various showcases when I was on the hunt for a venue myself. The canap├ęs and reception drink set up was superb, the wedding room itself it utterly charming with a lovely rustic feel and beautiful gardens out the back. The staff were so professional and welcoming. The hotel also set up a separate dining room for interested parties with their chefs preparing a number of minature starters, mains and desserts for people to taste and to top it all off you could also sample all of the wines that they have available!! There was absolutely nothing I could fault about the venue itself with the exception of the family rooms which could do with a bit of an overhaul (the rest of the rooms were lovely!) . I haven't been to the Seven Oaks so can't comment on that venue but I hope my comments on the Clanard Court help in some way!
Nikkid14 Posts: 2
Have been to weddings at both the Clanars Court and Seven Oaks. Both are fabulous venues but seven oaks wins it for me. Clanars court has lovely grounds, ballroom is beautiful, food lovely. My family like their sing song after a wedding and unfortunately we were moved out of the bar very early and had to order drinks from reception which was a pain. We weren't staying in the hotel but nearby and it was impossible to get a taxi. We tried for two hours and gave up eventually walking into town. The seven oaks although in the town and no ground as such was one of the best services I have seen at a wedding. Once we moved out of the ballroom the staff provided extra sandwiches around 5.30am. Staff were brilliant and we had photos taken in the delta sensory gardens just up the road which was amazing. Only downside to the seven oaks was a lot of people remained in the bar during the band. Hope this helps