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May Flower 10 Posts: 58
Hi All, not a very frequent poster, but just wanted to pick your brains for a minute. Just about to book a venue in Clare, have looked at alot, does anyone have an opinion/had an experience/heard anything about any venues in Clare, e.g. bellbridge, armada, dromoland, clare Inn, etc. Also for some of the smaller venues i would imagine that only one wedding a weekend would be the norm, do you know about this? Alot of our guests will be travelling to the venue from overseas and other counties, we were going to block book some rooms on the friday night, sat (day of wedding) & perhaps some on the sunday, are you block booking rooms for guests or just leaving it up to people to book their accomodation once the date is confirmed, we will be circulating reccommended lists with the invites anyway, but my question is, if we block book some rooms and they are not all used, i hope we wont be liable for them?? I am almost 100% sure we will use most of the rooms as it is a big enough wedding.. Anyway, any advise girls would be greatly appreciated!! Thanks a million :wv
MissMuppet Posts: 2085
563coy Posts: 44
Hi I would say the Falls Hotel it is lovely place, booked it myself for 2010 wedding. Armada is lovely but the day I went back the staff member wasn't to nice, he took us into the room and let the windows try and sell the hotel to us for our wedding(view onto ocean), was going on about all the number they had for '09 and already for '10 and I booked my venue in '08. I found Sinead and Michael at the Falls lovely to deal with and I haven't had the wedding yet. Sis had her wedding in the Auburn Hotel and it was lovely, staff everything was great, friends had theirs in the Clare Inn and it was a great day.Another friend is having wedding in Bunratty Castle Hotel at the end of May, this might be good for you as it is close to airport.
May Flower 10 Posts: 58
Thanks girls! All going to be decided on very soon which is great, its brilliant to get the feedback, really appreciate it. We have a couple of favourites so this time next week it will all be booked. :eek Also going to Clare this weekend to check out bands, probably cutting this a bit fine, but we have found a few good ones that are available on the date, so let the band spotting begin! P.S any suggestions on block booking rooms for wedding guests, are ye going to hold some rooms the night before/after wedding or just on the night of the wedding? Thanks :thnk
563coy Posts: 44
Hi May Flower I'd leave it up to the guest if they want to stay there two nights etc cos' money could be an issue with some people the way the economy is now. I book a room for Bunratty hotel for €180 for one night and it has dropped to €120 now but that is alot for one night that when you only get a few hours sleep in the room.
May Flower 10 Posts: 58
Hi 563coy, you are SO right, we really don't know how things are going to be next year, I think we will have to hold some rooms as alot of my relos will be coming over from UK, there will defo be a core group of frineds who will come down on the fri, but apart from that, i think the best thing is to just leave it as you were saying, its up to people after that where and when they want to book a room. Hope your plans are coming along nicely :thnk