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roxylou Posts: 173
Anyone had Clarins make-up for the day, did it last??? My usual beautician only uses Clarins but I've never tried the make-up.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi roxylou, im in same boat as you i use Clarins creams and love them id like to try the make up im going to Debenhams this weekend to see if i can get a free make over and maybe a sample or too. Maybe get your beautician to do your make up and see how it lasts.
roxylou Posts: 173
Thnks Evelyn Maybe you would let me know how u get on at the weekend? Must book a trial!
*gone* Posts: 4785
I use Clarins make up the whole time and I find it great. I don't end up looking too hideous by the end of a night out! :lol:
Desert-Moon Posts: 1174
Snap!!! My beautician for wedding day only uses Clarins too - so I went out and bought it. I find it lasts well, and it doesn't look caked on or anything. She told me to use Clarins Beauty Fash Balm under it and the make-up should stick to that like glue - hence make-up lasts longer. Let us know how you get on with your trial!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi i went but Clarins girl off sick, i got another make up girl to root in her drawer and give me samples. I put on the Multi Matt foundation (no 5) at 11 Sat morning and when i took it off at 11 that night it was still perfect. I have quite oily skin and have to keep putting powder on all day but i didnt have to touch it once. I have nearly purple rings under my eyes all the time and concealer doesnt work for me when i used this under my eyes they were completely covered and didnt dry out. I used Chanel foundation on Sunday and i didnt like it at all. I havent tried any more of the Clarins make up yet ill go for a trial this weekend, but so far so good. PS i swear by Clarins beauty flash balm under make up.
roxylou Posts: 173
Great news Evelyn. Must check out that flash balm stuff!!!!
Sunbeam Posts: 2721
In the same boat myself. I'm an Elizabeth Arden nut, but the hotel I'm staying in before the wedding has a Clarins salon, so I'll be having that make-up for the big day. I'll definitely be popping down there for a few trials before the big day! I do use some Clarin's creams, so I think I should be ok, but will definitely be having the trials, if only for another excuse to get pampered!
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Girls, i went into Boots in Liffey Valley yesterday as i cannot get a sample of the 07 Multi Matt foundation, so i asked the lady there to put some on me. OMG i knew something was wrong cos my H2B keep making faces behind her back but i wasnt prepared for what i looked like. It was plastered on, worse than you can imagine. I thought i was on Candid Camera i actually looked around for Mike Murphy ( though i know its a long time since he did it). It was all in my hair, stuck to my eyebrows and in my eyes. There were brown streaks down my neck and blobs of make up under my chin. She actually looked pleased with herself ( she was well into her 40's) and tried to sell it to me. I got up and ran away and and grabbed a packet of cleansing wipes of a shelf and started taking it off me. The security man was watching me he though i was robbbing them. It was dreadful and i still dont know what it would really look like.