Clary Sage Oil and Castor Oil

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jill80 Posts: 565
Overdue on a "big" baby. Have had sweep etc. Tried everything else that you are meant to. Has anyone used castor oil or is it now considered dangerous? I've heard so many conflicting accounts. Also what does Clary sage Oil do, and how do you use it?
fraggle rocker Posts: 1426
I took castor oil out of desperation and I would never ever wish it on my worst enemy the pains I had were horrible and the runs worse. I also had loads and loads of baths with clary sage oil and nothing happened only they were relaxing. The saturday before I had ds I got terrible pains and sat 4 hours in the bath thinking this is it just for them to go away. A lot of people give out to me for how I broke my waters but I was so fed up and ds was measuring big(he was 10lbs 4.5oz). So I was reading a magazine about that girl sarah louise from coronation street who had jumped on a trampoline and it broke her waters so I got my mini trampoline, jumped on it and it broke my waters sunday night(i held under my bump). I went to holles street on monday who said I was to come in for induction on tuesday if I didnt go myself. I went in for induction on tuesday and the fear of getting induced made me start myself, ds was born 3 hours later. Big babies normally lead to quicker labour as there weight pushes them down the birth canal quicker according to my midwife :wv
MummySparrow Posts: 890
I thought Castor Oil was supposed to be really dangerous. My mam took it on me and the cord was wrapped around my neck, at the time the nurses blamed the castor oil.
jill80 Posts: 565
Right I think I'll be avoiding the castor oil :eek :eek But I will get the clary sage and just add it in my baths, even if it doesnt work at least it wont harm. Thanks for the responses ladies :thnk
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Please do not take castor oil - according to all the midwives I work with it will only cause more harm to you (stomach cramps, diarrohea etc) and there is no guarantee of labour starting. Clary Sage oil should be treated like a medicine, ie. don't over do it. It can be used in the bath or oil burner- just use a few drops . Presume you have tried hot foods, pineapple, dtd, long walks, reflexology, acupressure, massage, nipple simulation. Unfortunately babs will arrive when they are ready and I hope it will be soon for you. :wv
pattie Posts: 2379
I am doing nipple stimulation (proven to help in a research study I read up on), DTD and acupuncture. I may have a sweep on Monday at the hopsital appt. if they can reassure me they won't break my waters accidentally. You can repeat the sweep also so I will repeat it at 41+6 if necessary although I am planning to take castor oil (very small amounts though) the day before at 41+5. From what I read it is safe (although don't take it from me but I am happy that it is an option for me). I am doing everything I can to avoid a chemical induction in the hospital as they cause stronger contractions than natural labour and can cause fetal distress due to squeezing the placenta and cord too hard. I'm also not considering induction till at least 42 weeks unless there is something wrong.
jen09 Posts: 1390
I used clary sage in bath from 36wks; I just added a few drops & relaxed; also added some to pillow to help me sleep; I went 2 days over but it did me no harm.
mamabelle Posts: 1101
I used clary sage (despite health shop owner trying to warn me off it) and would not recommend it under any circumstances! I put a few drops (prob more than instructed in fairness) into the bath. My waters broke alright - but there was meconium in the water - the baby changed position to occiput posterior (so loads of excrutiating back labour) - contractions were all over the place then suddenly stopped completely after 8 hours in hospital. After 14 hours (last 3 in complete agony) finally got to 1 cm dilation. Hospital trace showed baby's heart was irregular so couldn't get epidural. Then went from 2 cm dilation to 9cm in about 30 mins - baby was being ejected at too fast a rate though and ended up with tears from my cervix down the length of my vagina. I was still being treated for this 4 months after birth. Had to have an episiotomy (in addition to tears) and a forceps delivery. Lost over a litre of blood and had to have a transfusion. Docs, midwives and nurses all said that there were links between clary sage and bad labour. This time I'll have more patience.
SparklyB2B Posts: 1131
Steer well clear of castor oil... I took it & it gave me the most horific cramps & did not leave the toilet for a full day
TracyD Posts: 750
As I think others have said - you can't force labour to start until mum/baby are ready. As Toblerone mentioned essential oils must be treated with the respect they deserve. It's interesting that staff would say that clary sage is associated with bad labours and yet have no problem giving mums synthetic oxytocin which is now on a 'watch' list for dangerous medications... The dangers of routine pitocin use are well documented. Essential oils are absorbed in to the body within a few minutes but they are excreted very quickly too (approx 90 minutes). Hope things happen soon for you Jill! Tracy