Clary sage oil q?

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randomusername Posts: 2134
Girls does anyone know what the story is with this stuff? I'd only ever heard of it on boards like this and never knew what it was for and today I was out and about and someone said I should try it in a bath to kick start labour. However, I looked it up in a leaflet I have about different oils and stuff and it has in big bold writing do not use in pregnancy. So is it safe to use or should I avoid it?
Cairn Posts: 313
I used this in my last 2 weeks, along with raspberry leaf tea, hot curries, long walks and other activities ahem.... lol. Anyway I went into labour 2 days late so I dont think any of the stuff made a difference. Not what you want to hear but as they saying goes baby will come when baby is ready!! Those last few days always drag out.