Classy hen gifts

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engaged08 Posts: 101
Hey girls, I need your help! I am desperately thinking of a hen gift (something quite cheap - nothing more than 15) that is something classy ie not the usual jelly willies etc just aint that type of hen do. Its so hard to think of something!!!! Her sister is doing up something with old pics etc so nothing like that. I'm stuck :(
Asics Posts: 1935
How about buying her a nice picture frame & put a picture in it of all of yee hens together & the b2b *) something nice to look back on :wv
bijou Posts: 1154
My sister got me a a phot album with 'hen party' on it. The gang all signed the covers of it and i have the hen photos in it! I love it! Champagne goes down really well too - Tesco has a very goot brut for 12 euro or so. We ended up with 11 bottles on the bus between 14 of us....we were piddled by the time we reached the hotel.....loads of fun! xxx