cleaning platinum ring

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angelsdelight Posts: 31
whats the best way to clean them without damaging the diamond
*Lexi* Posts: 2600
i was really nervous about cleaning mine i was advised to use a soft old toothbrush and a little washing up liquid in warm water it didnt really clean it well so i bought it to a specialist jeweler and he steam cleaned it and polished it-it looks brand new n really sparkly it cost 30 euro
MrsYippee Posts: 804
I always use fairly liquid and a tooth brush and it does a great job!
LadyMary Posts: 1050
[quote="yippeejuly09":3sbizvef]I always use fairly liquid and a tooth brush and it does a great job![/quote:3sbizvef] same as, but i find Platium can be so dull anyways. Its the diamonds that make its sparkle.
TanyaBarry Posts: 331
Ive heard Vodka does the job well
frillynickers Posts: 1765
I dont know where you git your ring from but we got mine from fields and they clean it for free, never been charged once!!!
norzsept09 Posts: 165
put it into a fizzy glass of coke and brush it after with a baby toothbrush, this works for all silver, white gold or platinum!! agree with frilly knickers though, whereever you got it should clean it for free!!
Lyla09 Posts: 265
Just bring it back to the jewellers that you bought it from, any good jewellers will do it for free.
angelsdelight Posts: 31
i got it in new york so cant drop it in for cleaning..did any of we use any products that you can get in the jewellers...