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adelz Posts: 3088
Hey all, I have to say even my dh went mad cleaning with me yesterday :o0 Isn't it such a great feeling getting the house into order and having it actually clean, I know we always do a weekly clean but my gosh under beds, skirtings, behinds drawer units, the whole lot was done yesterday! :o0 We did the garden, sowed flowers, cut grass etc etc. But my gosh I was exhausted after it all.... Then comes sleeping, I have been so uncomfy in bed the last couple of wks, but to the latter part of last wk and last night I slept no problem and I have to say even this morn when I got up to the loo I was straight back asleep in no time! As for our house dog, everywhere I go esp yesterday he was there, out in the garden he was beside me, up the stairs he was there, even sitting on couch he was at my feet! :o0 Think he's afraid I was going to go somewhere without him :o0 Have any of you noticed this about your pets as you're getting near your due time??
Elizabeth Bennett Posts: 682
Oh how cute, I can just imagine him following you about. I always wanted to know if dogs pick up on something happening when you are pregnant. I have been putting my fella up by my tummy to see if he senses anything! :o0 A bit soon I know. When did your fella start to notice something was different?
Mari yay Posts: 4045
I don't have dogs, but we have 3 at home, and the two bitches are constantly staring at me whenever I am there.
adelz Posts: 3088
Elizabeth he really hasn't noticed anything at all, my bump is small and Ive tried to have him up and pointing at it for him to listen but he doesn't know what Im even on about :o0 Last night was the first real night I noticed him really following me, more so than normal and anywhere I went he was behind me or at my feet. We brought down the babs bouncer into the sitting room last wkend and he just looked at it, and sat and stared, wasn't that interested at all.... Mari yay I often wondered about bitches if they were able to sense when a female was pregnant, mine is a dog, although I have a female labrador at my parents and she doesn't really seem any different with me up to now anyway :compress Has anybody else noticed changes in their pets as they come towards the end of preg?
BusyDee Posts: 8527
Oh god I would love to have the energy now that I had in the last 2 weeks of my pregnancy! The house was never as clean! I cleaned windows, tops of kitchen cabinets, walls, skirting, lightshades and then for extra punishment I decided to repaint the nursery! I had just finished 2 days before I had her. God there was no stopping me :o0 Now I can just about get dressed :hic We have 3 big dogs and when I got pregnant I was worried about them jumping up at my belly - they don't normally jump up but the odd time they might but they NEVER even attempted to jump up at me - it was like they knew! We have 3 cats aswell and 2 of them used to love lying across my bump and purring and rubbing their head over my bump, I swear baba loved it, now when they come up beside her and purr she goes quiet :lvs Animals definitely have a sense about these things - they know when Im sick too.
adelz Posts: 3088
Yeah the cleaning aspect is great :o0 I was amazed yesterday at dh doing so much as I was upstairs going through clothes when he was hoovering downstairs, when I went down he was after pulling out dishwasher, washing machine etc etc, hoovering behind them and cleaning them down :o0 :o0 He even did tops of presses in kitchen! If only you could have all this energy more often as you say :o0 I have a few jobs in mind each eve when I go back to my house as I spend most of each day out in parents at the min. So time passes by quick enough now. The animals are just great at reading their owners etc etc. Its amazing how they do it really. I was amazed by my dog last night and it was only from evening time onwards. Dh thinks its great as he didn't even want to look at him! :o0 He was left alone for the night!!
Chica1 Posts: 793
I have a 3yr old ish neutered b*tch and a 9 mth old neutered b*tch. Have been idly wondering if they've sensed anything different about me but I don't think they have. When we got the travel system and moses basket we left them out for the dogs to sniff but they didn't pass much heed. They don't jump up on me as I'm the master but at times they jump up on my husband (as he's too soft to be their master). I'm the one who disciplines them (and also walks them) and it'll probably be the same when babs arrives!
Dot Cotton Posts: 1298
hi babs, i've noticed the same about our dog, since i finished up work he's constantly by my side whereas up to then he wouldnt be as bothered with me at all. The other night i was sitting on the floor with my back up against the couch & he came in & sat on my lap with his head lying up on my bump - so cute :lvs Animals can def sense it IMO. I got a present the other night of an activity set, you know its like a walker but its stationary? Not sure what the exact name of it is! Anyhoo the dog is facinated with it & keeps head butting a part of it cos it squeeks - sooo funny :yelrotflmaosmilie: I think he'll be showing the baby what to do yet :o0
adelz Posts: 3088
They are great, yeah tonight now he isn't too bad but still around me, they do sense things ok and was so evident last night. I must bring down some more stuff now and get him use to them been about. It'll be two babs we'll have when this one arrives, new baby and the dog :o0 :o0
Altar Igo Posts: 119
Reading all about your pets is really making me miss by dog. We left her up to my parents house on Monday in case I go into labour soon we didn't wast to have to leave her on her own for such a long period. House feels so empty without her. She never really climbs on our bed but on Monday morning she cuddled in beside me for 20 mins, i didn't have the heart to move her, she certainly knew something was up, think it was more to do with me feeling sad she was going away than about the baby though.