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[b:2gvkduqs]Have you got a secret potion that strips away limescale? Or maybe even a tip for getting the pink out of your whites? Share them with us :!: [/b:2gvkduqs]
SJo Posts: 85
[b:2bhaiaxv]Cleaning tip #1[/b:2bhaiaxv] For getting rid of caked on limescale from your taps etc. use a solution of neat vinegar. Either apply it with a toothbrush, scrub it around, leave it for a few hours and then rinse, or dowse a piece of kitchen roll in it, using an elastic band attach it to the tap, leave overnight and rinse it off for a brilliant shine! :D [b:2bhaiaxv]Cleaning tip #2[/b:2bhaiaxv] For cleaning a stained toilet, dissolve 2 Steradent denture tablets in the bowl. Rub inside the toilet bowl with a toilet brush for the large areas and use a toothbrush for the smaller areas. And hey presto - no more icky toilet bowl!
mad woman Posts: 22106
for all you chrome appliances, use windowlene wipes!!! there the biz at shining them like new!!!
ed* Posts: 402
For oven trays that are difficult to clean, put biological washing powder on it with boiling water and leave for a few hours...good as new.. hhmmmm think I'll make a good house wifey with all these tips.. :lol: :wink:
att 05 Posts: 81
to remove chewing gum that has hardened into cloth pop the item in the freezer leave until hard/frozen and remove - the chewing gum should come away from the material easily :D Also to clean your hob and give it a good-as-new sparkly look dip some kitchen roll into baby oil (not too much) and apply - it will come up good as new.
att 05 Posts: 81
I found this link to the How Clean is Your House prog. No matter how irritating you may find the two women thier webpage has a collection of good tips so you might find what you are looking for there with a little root around. ... index.html
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May_2006_Bride Posts: 1
Barbara Posts: 53
[b:334uhg30]Clean Your Microwave[/b:334uhg30] Easiest way to clean the inside of your microwave, I've found, is to put a bowl of water in there (with or withour a squirt of lemon) and microwave it for a few minutes. The steam lifts all the dirt so it should just wipe off easily with a piece of kitchen roll.
mb Posts: 207
I had a problem with stains in my sink, mainly tea stains. Rub some washing powder round the sink with a damp cloth or sponge. All shiny & sparkly again!
Gallifrey Posts: 472
for cleaning George Forman(sp) grills. Heat them up for 1 min and rub clean with hot soapy water. Rinse with clean(not soapy) water. Might be obvious to most people but I used to really struggle with cleaning the George!!
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