Cleaning Uggs??

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Mrs W Posts: 2923
"somebody" who shall remain nameless, dropped a big dollop of sweet chili sauce on my lovely new Uggs. And of course I hadn't got round to buying the care kit either. Is there any hope for them? Has anyone tried to clean them successfully before??
DaisyB Posts: 1708
sorry no advice..but love to know this too.. ive just noticed mine are gone very grubby looking to...
RainbowNinja Posts: 4437
Don't put them in the washing machine. My Hubbie had the bright idea to put mine in the washing machine to clean them and the soles came off! Still waiting for him to buy me a new pair
Lennyx Posts: 242
Guys check out !!!!
Mrs W Posts: 2923
Thanks lennyx!!
craigsmrs Posts: 341
a lot of dry cleaners do it now! The on in lucan at superquinn do it for a tenner
ginger power Posts: 1632
Does any one use the shoe protector on them for rain etc?iv only mine a month not wore them much, but want to keep them protected???? :-8
dion Posts: 986
Myself, I spray them with vanish, leave them for a few minutes for vanish to soak in, then put them into a pillow case (tied tightly) and put them on a woolen wash in washing machine (also using a punches stain remover sachet).