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Newlywed Posts: 38
Hi girls I did pg test last night and I got a positive, going to Dr at lunchtime to confirm. But my last period at beg of April lasted 2 days, is there any way I cud have been pg b4 my last period, i.e. be 8wks approx instead of 4wks approx? Wud Dr be able to tell me today? or wud I have to wait 4 scan? Am v v nervous.
Jelly Posts: 174
you will have to wait for the scan as far as I know they cant tell otherwise, but you could look for an early scan. Sorry cant be of more help
Jelly Posts: 174
oh and congrads by the way :D :D :D
Garfield Posts: 89
Congrats best of luck with pregnancy!!
corkrebel Posts: 744
Congratulations and best of luck for a happy and very healthy pregnancy... I agree with the other girls that you might have to wait until your scan to confirm exact dates ...but be sur to tell your doc that your thoughts ....he might be able to help you !!
Purple Tulip Posts: 3442
strawberry shortcake Posts: 9094
thats great congratulations to you both
Newlywed Posts: 38
Thanks for your replies! I'm still not sure I am pg, you know yourself when u do a test you can't quite believe the ans until Dr confirms. Am still in shock, we only started trying last month! So will let u know how I get on, I did read somewhere that u can't be half pg, so hopefully its true! Thanks again.
jellybaby Posts: 2316
Congratulations!! The gp won't be able to tell - you will need a scan to determine dates. As far as I am aware, they can't do a dating scan until at least 8 weeks - but I could be wrong on that one. If you tell your doc about the 2 day period, and that you think you may possibly be 8 weeks instead of 4, you may be able to get a scan sorted sooner. If you do get a scan organised, and they can't find anything - please don't panic - it could just well be that you [i:2gro6n76]are[/i:2gro6n76] only four weeks gone, and they won't see anything at that stage. Best of luck :wink:
mrs august05 Posts: 949
Congratulations newlywed wishing you a happy and healthy pregnancy good luck at the doctors :)