Clearblue OPK's

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SpringBride Posts: 406
Hi gang well Im either going to throw these things out the window or I go! Have used 3 sticks today and not even a line, nothing, zilch! Re-read and read the instructions, so peed a little on the stick, then alot, then a medium flow and nothing on the stick! 37eur for this what am I doing wrong O:|
Sphynx Posts: 6795
Maybe you only get a line when you get your surge??? Not sure, have been using First Response. Check the leaflet - if you're supposed to always get at least a faint line then maybe this was a faulty pack?
SpringBride Posts: 406
Thanks blackcat, Ive used the First Response and these work much the same, with the 2 lines showing, really peed off what a waste! According to Dr Amy tomorrow is my fertile day so wanted to start using the OPK's again as a backup, think I'll go back to First Reponse after this lot is used!
Sphynx Posts: 6795
That's a bit cr*p. Anyone else used these? If they're faulty it's not exactly the kind of product you can return :-8 or even want to complain about! I would go with Dr. Amy anyway. She and the First Response sticks agreed for me this month!
SpringBride Posts: 406
yeah you're right, I can hardly go back with my used sticks :o0 Im not using them again, Ive been reading back over the forum and people are using them without problems, maybe its just me! I'll stick with what I know in future I thihk
NotHere Posts: 10273
Sorry I'm of no helps as never used them, but sending some :babydust: to you :thnk
SpringBride Posts: 406
Thanks a mil and :babydust: right back at ye! Am very excited this month and cant control it so expect me to be on here whinging in a month when af comes :o0
ginger nut Posts: 5989
i have clearblue OPK and when i use them i get a "control" line in the window - when i ovulate i should see another line either the same colour or darker than the control. That's the theory anyway...will let you know if they do/don't work. BTW they are 33 euros in boots.
SpringBride Posts: 406
Hi Gingernut, I obviously got stung down my local chemist then at 37euros! What you're saying is exactly right, thats what it said in the instructions, I'll try again in the morning hopefully have more success!
little mrs sunshine Posts: 5523
Can I ask what website is Dr Amy on?