Clicking Hips near due date

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MeWimmysBaby Posts: 456
Hiya just wondering if anyone else has experienced this? Since I was 40+3 (last Thursday) my hips have been clicking when I sit down/stand up or when I turn in bed. Also walking up and down stairs has become more difficult. It's not that it's especially painfull; just annoying and slightly worrying. Anyone know anything about this? I it anything to do with pelvis accomodating baby? Thanks in advance :wv :thnk
sandym Posts: 774
I was the same..i had SPD but that aside when I would turn over in the bed I would wakt h2b with the loud crack I would that what your hearing? i crack? it's just your ligaments loosening due to all the hormones that are in your shouldnt affect the birth of anything..youi're body is just loosening itself in soon as you have the baby they click straight back into place...good luck :o)ll
Always hoping Posts: 784
I'm 40+1 and this has been happening to me for about 3 weeks. I said it to my doc who just smiled and explained just like Sandym did :wv
MeWimmysBaby Posts: 456
Hi girls thanks for the replies. Kindof reckoned it was something like that but was looking for it to be a sign of things to come. Still here at 41+1 and like a bear!! Best of luck to you both. :thnk :wv