Clicking hips?

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chefmaid Posts: 2426
Has anyone had this? Noticed the last few days when walking up the stairs my hips are making a loud clicking sound :-8 didn't have this on my first and wondering heat has caused it, afraid to google it >:o(
mamime Posts: 791
Yes i have this in my 2nd pregnancy, never had it on my first. However it has been mostly in my lower back, only a bit in my hips, but yes definitely clicking. It also only started around 30 odd weeks and i was putting it down to the extra weight of baby on my bones. I have been told everything is looser and more painful 2nd time around if that helps. A lot has to loosen up and stretch and adjust so hopefully its nothing to worry about, but just mention it to your doc next visit to be sure! Hope its not making you too squirmy! Its so uncomfortable!!! :eek