Cliff House Hotel or Athenaeum House Waterford??

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mrswhits Posts: 277
Hi ladies :wv New to the site and was hoping someone might have some experiences to share about either the Cliff House Hotel in Ardmore, Co. Waterford or Athenenaeum House Hotel, Waterford City?? We're considering either of these for our wedding venue, probably March 2011, so if I could get some feedback it would be really helpful! Alternatively if anyone has any suggestions for other venues in Waterford / south east then that'd be great either!
Shopgirl 1 Posts: 660
Have never been to a wedding in either but I have stayed in the cliff house hotel in Ardmore and its lovely. Other suggestions in Waterford could be Lismore Castle, Waterford Castle, Faithlegg, The Park Hotel in Dungarvan...and depending on where you are in Waterford there are options within easy reach in Kilkenny or Wexford. Dunbrody House is meant to be fab.
mrswhits Posts: 277
Thanks so much for the reply Braut :) I'm going to check out some of those too - Faithlegg is out as my brother is getting married there this summer, the Tower is out for same reason (different brother of course!) Do you mind me asking what time of year did you stay at Cliff House - I know it could bucket down at any time of year but one of the main attractions of it is the terrace/views and I'm just concerned that it may not the biggest space inside in the bar/restaurant areas if we can't open it up to the outside, we're thinking of a March wedding. Both venues (and Waterford Castle & Dunbrody - I've just checked them!) would need us to take exclusive use of the hotel for the day/night for our 70/80 guests but the rooms ain't cheap! €200 for a room and €295 for a suite... I'm really concerned about this, is that too much to expect guests to pay??
Peaches\'N\'Cream Posts: 95
Ooohh i love Athenaeum house :lvs stayed there bout 4 years ago on first weekend away with my boyfriend, looovvveed it! He took me and our little boy back there for a weekend in Nov to propose- i had no idea, but himself and the staff had it all arranged. Took me out onto the terrace over=looking waterford city after dinner and asked me to marry him ( having already gotten permission from my dad and little boy!!) of course i said yes, and as we went back into the retsaurant the girl who was there was singing my fav song ( arranged) and the waiter popped a bottle of champers as i walked in ( also arranged) after champers and round of applause form all the diners we went back up to our suite and jacuzzi was on and full of bubbles, and the staff had covered the room in candles and rose petals- :lvs :lvs the whole weekend was magical and the staff are really really lovely and the rooms are magnificent!! Im sure they would give you a magical wedding venue!!!
mrswhits Posts: 277
Thanks for the reply Peaches, couldn't log in yesterday to reply for some reason! That sounds fab altogether!! To be honest, we've been very impressed with the staff at both venues, really friendly and not just with us, we stayed for lunch and saw them in action. Gonna check out Waterford Castle but I think h2b would prefer something a bit more contemporary in style.. I'm terrible at decisions!! Any more opinions on either of these ladies?? All feedback very welcome :wv
RubyLilly Posts: 6
What size wedding are you thinking of? I was at a wedding in the Cliff House hotel recently but there was only 40 people or so there. It was amazing. the weather was fine but we didnt use the terrace.
mrswhits Posts: 277
Hi Ruby, we're having approx 80 guests, this is what's put us off Cliff House, for this amount of guests we'd need to book 30 rooms of the hotel and have it exclusively - it'd be great if we could get the list down to 40 then we wouldn't have any obligation for rooms. The room rate is between 200/295 and we feel that's too high for guests to have to pay, and if the rooms weren't taken we'd have to cover it so that was a no no. We loved it though, think we might go for a mini moon here afterward. I'd say the wedding there was lovely, were ye in the Chefs Table or the North Pavillion?
BlossomHill Posts: 2169
Any more Cliff House Hotels brides out there ?