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beebee Posts: 7
Hello there, just wondering has anyone up to date information on Cloghan Castle near Loughrea?? I have been to view it and it looks lovely. the only thing is the room is very small. it was set up for 100 people and it was very tight. we are having alot more people than that and were thinking maybe having a buffet/bbq outside.dont know if this would work. any advice would be great. thanks.
Gabby Posts: 2873
hi beebe we were at a weding there about a year and a half ago and it was fab great craic. loved the venue and everything was great. there were about 110 people there and that was all that would fit comfortably. Not sure about the buffet or bbq but it sounds fab but you would be relying on the weather. I have heard though that they can attach a marquee to the double doors for bigger parties so maybe you could do something like that. HTH
realt Posts: 85
hi bee bee, have you thought of luogh cutra castle - in the same area but a little more expensive...went for it because would have spent the difference on flowers ect in another location. might be worth a look, best wishes r
Bananna Posts: 42
We have booked Cloghan. I'd be really interested to hear any comments or experiences too. We are trying to limit the dinner to no more than 100 for space reasons aswell. It might be worth looking into a marquee but they can be expensive. Having said that I found the prices for Lough Cutra really high.
architec Posts: 1306
didn't look into Cloghan Castle for personal reasons, but got a quote from Lough Cutra and it was very pricey for what we were being offered, IMO. It is gorgeous though, so if your budget isn't too tight, then maybe you should go for it!!
aoifem79 Posts: 475
I looked into a alot in the are. Cloghan Castle was lovely just too small for us. Lough Cultra was crazy expensives. We also looked at Cloonacauneen Castle which is nice small but has a large function room. Only 4 bedrooms and wasn't for me but H2B loved it. We went for the place that we both were drawn to. Are you set on galway or are you looking for a castle as there are so many around the county.
TippBride08 Posts: 31
Hi Beebee, We also booked Cloghan Castle. We toyed with the idea of a BBQ too. The battlement area is just a fabulous setting for a BBQ and they say it will seat up to 200. I'm sure if you have a chat with some of the caterers and see what they can suggest as a back up plan in case it rains. Given the irish weather I'm sure they have had to deal with that problem. Banana, I would love to hear about any feedback you have had about suppliers etc. will pm you - I dont want to take over beebees post.
Elmac Posts: 2
Hi I'd also be interested in any advice anyone might have about vendors, but caterers in particular, for a wedding at Cloghan Castle. We're not from the area and it's proving difficult to make a decision without some recommedations. Has anyone used Marcos Catering? Any info greatly appreciated. Thanks.
blueeyedgirl Posts: 26
We are also looking to book CLoghan for May. Any advice would be great. And if anyone has found a good in London so having real trouble sourcing a band in Eire..