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bebes Posts: 150
Hi girls I have to start Clomid 50mg from cd2-cd5 next month for 3 months as Im nearly 21 mths ttc#1. Just wondering how did it go for you and did it take long to get pregnant using it. I have read that it can dry up cm so what did you do to rectify this? Sorry for all the questions Thanks :thnk
Mrssailor Posts: 126
Hi bebes, there was a recent thread on this topic that i posted on - viewtopic.php?f=19&t=359769 you'll see my story there and a few others too. In summary it took me 5 cycles to conceive, i was pretty much on the verge of giving up. I was TTC for a year and 3 months when i got my BFP. am almost 20 weeks along now and all going okay so far (touch wood). in terms of CM i did not find a problem there at all. i have PCOS so hadnt ovulated on my own in many months. with clomid i did ov and if anything it improved CM. i know it can seem like it will never happen to you, but hang on in there and keep the chin up. wishing you every success in your journey xxx
bebes Posts: 150
Thanks for that mrssailor I will have a read of it now. Congrats on your pregnancy and wishing you the very best of luck for the rest of it.Its great to read of success stories from girls that took clomid. Hopefully I will be posting my own news very soon x
jdurso Posts: 351
Hi Bebes, It took me 4 cycles to conceive but I actually conceived on a month where I took a break from it. I didn't find that my CM dried up at all but it's probable I conceived on the break because there was more and the egg could stick to the lining of the uterus better. Wishing you the best of luck - Clomid is fantastic stuff, I was on 50mg too and it made me ovulate from the first month and I got a proper period for the first time in my life on it too. You may get a bit moody and your periods may be a littl epainful but it's all worth it if it works :babydust: