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Bride 2012 Posts: 210
Hi All, Has anyone booked Clonabreany House as their venue or been to a wedding there? Any feedback would be great!!! Thanks :wv
ljk Posts: 66
Hi I have booked Clonabreany House for my wedding in May 2011 and I absolutely :heartbeat: it!! It's the most beautiful place. Although it can hold up to 200 people (I think), it's still very intimate. The cottages are fab, they have lovely stone brick walls and all done up lovely. The pub was a big decision maker for me, really think it will be great for drinks the next day and the night before. The marquee is gorgeous, very bright and has a lovely black and white dance floor. Katie from Clonabreany has been lovely to deal with and very helpful. Definately recommend it but go and have a look for yourselves and see what you think. :o)ll
lannah Posts: 574
I have booked it for April 2011. Completely love it as well and love the fact that they are uber flexible about everything. To be it feels like there will be little or no stress on the day because everything will be just the way I want it. We're going to be the first civil ceremony on the site as well and it's great for that!
flimsicles Posts: 8
Hi there! I've booked Clonabreany House for next August and can't wait. We did do a little negotiating before we signed anything so it's worthwhile bringing up any concerns with them - Katie has been so helpful. No harm in asking!
So Happy Posts: 13
lannah Posts: 574
I thought 5K was well over my budget as well but they were really flexible with the menu so in the end it works out at less than 50 euro a head which pretty much is half what I was looking at in some other places. So if you do the maths..... 100 euro a head for 100 people = total of 10,000 50 euro a head for 100 people + 5K = total of 10,000 100 euro a head for 150 people = Total of 15,000 50 euro a head for 150 people +5K = Total of 12,500 100 euro a head for 200 people = Total of 20,000 50 euro a head for 200 people plus 5K = Total of 15,000 Plus you have full use of the place, and no worries about bar extensions or seating, flowers,etc. I guess its all about economies of scale, for us it meant we can have a bigger wedding cos we were originally just thinking less than 100 people because of the cost. Now I'm really not too worried about how many people we have cos each additional person is really not going to cost that much extra - which was a great compromise for me and H2B as we were already having arguments about his guest list being so long!
So Happy Posts: 13
Lannah just pm'd you
Bride 2012 Posts: 210
I agree with lannah on the room hire. I thought it was so expensive considering 120 people or more is attending your wedding and the beverage spend they would get, but bcoz there menus are so reasonable and there corkage fees its not that expensive when you add it all in. I think for 2010 weddings the room hire fee was €2,500 but as mine is not until 2012 they probably hope to build there reputation by then so they are pretty much sticking to this figure. The room is pretty much decorated as it is and with the uplighters included it makes such a difference compared to youor standard hotel room.
pookin Posts: 8
We are just back from our honeymoon and gradually getting back to reality. :xxx We had our wedding in Clonabreany House at the end of June. It was [color=#FF0000:158oi0iw][b:158oi0iw]Aaaaaamazing[/b:158oi0iw][/color:158oi0iw] from beginning to end. We arrived on Thursday evening and we had a lovely relaxing dinner down in the Sibin. Friday was the big day..sun was shining and the venue looked amazing. After the church I had arranged for everyone to have a drink in the Sibin before we headed up to the house for the drinks reception. I wanted everyone to feel relaxed and this was the prefect way to get things started. We also had a few informal photographs here. We got some more photos taken on the walk way through the tunnel. They are stunning and very different. The drinks reception was brilliant. We had Saramai playing the music with her boyfriend. They were absolutely amazing. They had played at the church also. Really special! The marquee looked stunning. We had 160 guests and they were all comfortably seated around the room. The food was delicious. We had rack of lamb which was perfectly cooked and the portions were very generous. We had a surprise Sweets Bar which went down a treat. Dancing went on till the wee hours and we had organised for a friend to do foodstix at the end of the night. Steak, onion rings and chips etc on skewers. Marshmallows with chocolate and hazelnuts etc. Then back to the sibin for a sing song of course. The next day we had a bbq which was great craic. Food was delicious again and luckily the sun was shining so we sat outside the sibin again till the wee hours. I know this is clichet but the whole weekend was amazing. It is rare to come accross staff like this. There are alot of wedding venues who could learn from Katie and her team. Nothing was too much trouble. Whatever was neaded was arranged with no hassle. If we were late for breakfast a table of food was set up for us straight away. This also went for the guests. I was even given berocca at one stage. (Badly needed). On return from the honeymoon our guests have continually commented on what a stunning setting the venue was, how helpful the staff were. They were so professional. So kind and very easy going. The list of compliments are endless. They made the weekend so special for me and my new husband and our family and friends. We would like to thank [color=#FF40FF:158oi0iw]Katie, Pauline, Ronan, Gary, Gerry & Niall [/color:158oi0iw]for giving us a truly memorable wedding. No doubt your venue will have huge success and we wish you all the best in the future. For all you bridies out there who are looking for something a bit different and very special, Get booking now :yelrotflmaosmilie: :yelrotflmaosmilie: Suppliers: Flowers: Joys of Ranelagh ph:4978111 Makeup: Lisa McLoughlin ph:0861624179 Hair: Loraine Browne: 0872438814 Music: Saramai Ph:0876746054 Photorgrapher Julie Cummins ph:0876437813 Wine: Damian ph:0863021180 Foodstix: Lisa Toner ph:0868585692 DJ: Steve Reddy ph:0879387713 :
lannah Posts: 574
ooooohhhh I just got the shivers reading that pookin!!!! Have loads of questions which I will have to post later!