Clothes for newborn??

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Ljp Posts: 161
Due my first baby in Feb and need some advice from more experienced mammies out there regarding what clothes i need for the first few weeks. 1. Will i buy newborn or 0-3 months. Don't want to get newborn if he will only get a week or two out of them. Is it ok to put a newborn babs straight into 0-3 clothes even if they are slightly big? 2. Was looking at some clothes and figured that for day to day he will need some baby gro vesty things(shortsleeve, no legs) as a first layer and then a longsleeve/leg sleepsuit thing/romper over this. Is this right? Is this enough layers. Obviously will get a bodysuit thing for wearing if we go out. 3. Not going to buy too many outfit type clothes (pants and tops) as i figure we will get a lot of these as pressies (we have a really big family). I figure the baby will just be in sleepsuit type things mostly for the first while. Is this right?? Have realised i haven't a clue about all this....have minded lots of nieces/nephews in past but when u have to make decisions yourself about these things.... Any ideas on this would be appreciated....thanks :compress
ructions Posts: 2689
You're on the button there. Vests and babygros are all you need at the start. I had a few cardigans as well, just to keep LO snug. The shops are different in their sizing, I found Dunnes stuff very small. M&S, Mothercare and Tesco tend to be more generous. Next do a very handy "up to one month" size. I bought a few of those and they did the job for the first few weeks, DS was 8lbs7oz. I find some of the 0-3 month stuff was swimming on him at the start.
bobby2012 Posts: 644
Generally, from my experience, I would not buy newborn size. It's a waste of your money. Both my babies were 2.9 kg, which is considered small for an Irish baby, but we still only got a week or 2 out of the newborn stuff. I'm sorry I can't be helpful shops-wise because I can't remember which one stocks the biggest type sizes. I think it actually depends on the item as well, not just the shop, baby clothes are hell to size properly! Answers to your questions: 1. Definitely 0-3m. And yes, it's absolutely ok to put the newborn in a slightly oversized onesie/vest. There's no chocking hazard, if that's what you're afraid of. It's not like putting a newborn in a 6-9m for example. 2. That's what we did (vest and a onesie over it). Then if another layer is needed a little cardigan and a 'bear suit' (as I call them) for going out. 3. This one definitely differs from parent to parent I think. What we did - we had ours in onesies/bear suits for the first month or so, but then started putting clothes on them for going out. Around 2-3 months of age we stopped dressing them in onesies at home as well and only did that for night time. At home we put them in a vest (short or long sleeved, depending on weather) and either footed trousers or tracksuit bottoms and socks, cardigan or extra top if needed for warmth. Normal clothes for going out. We mainly did it because it made changing them easier, you didn't have to unbutton a whole onesie, just pulled down the trousers and that's it. But the footed trousers are very hard to get in Ireland (unless you buy an unnecessary overpriced set) so we sourced ours from abroad.
Sassypants Posts: 4461
For about the first 4 weeks we just had our little fella in babygros. You'll need long sleeved vests for that time of year. I actually put a short sleeved and then a long sleeved vest on our little fella. Don't buy any outfits just yet, you'll need to wait to see what you get. I bought an outfit in Next and got 2 replicas! Ructions is right about the Next "up to 1 month" babygros, I used a few of these and they were great. A bit short in the leg though. Our little fella was 8lbs 2oz and we got a few weeks out of them though. Don't forget you will be washing them so don't get too many, I think we had 9 or so. Oh, and don't buy any babygros from Boots, the quality is shocking!!
limakilobravo Posts: 64
You might be best off to have some newborn sized stuff. You won't know what size baba is going to be and if clothes are far too big they won't be able to keep warm in them. All brands have different weights for their sizes so check the labels. Vest and babygro should be fine, handy to have some cardigans too to keep baba snug. Baby should have one layer of clothing more than yourself.
Bonnie Parker Posts: 2670
Personally I prefer to have a few newborn items, as the baby really would be swimming in 0-3mts - which is usually 13/15lbs. Really it kinda depends on baby's weight - which can depend on whether you go over etc. So maybe hold off a while until nearer the time. I think the new born gear in Next is 7.5 lbs and the newborn in Mothercare is 8ish lbs, debenhams is 8-9lbs I think. up to one month in Next is around 10lbs. So I got 2 or 3, 7-9 lbs items. and a few 10lbs items. You will only get a short time out of them, but I think it's worth it. Mothercare often have items on sale, not so much with Next. I'm not much of a Penny's gal, but it really is great for babygros and vests for the early days. So I would stock up on a few newborn/0-3 mts, cheap and they do the job. I wouldn't buy any clothes beyond that, you really will get loads of presents.
elpi Posts: 748
I'd definitely have some newborn sizes. Everyone told me to get 0-3 months and they were ridiculously big on him. DS was 7 lbs and as said above some of the 0-3 mths is for up to 15lbs. Actually even the newborn size DS was swimming in for a good 2-3 weeks. We used babygrows during the day for the 1st month or so and then started dressing him in real clothes. He's now 5 months and I would very much consider babygrows pyjamas at this stage.
Ljp Posts: 161
Thanks for your relies ladies, its good to know i'm on the right track with what i'm thinking anyway. Going shopping next week, cant wait to get all those little baby gros, they are just so cute. Am so excited thinking of my little babs in them.... :compress
barneyrubble Posts: 252
I've never bought newborn clothes. I'd get 0-3 and if they too big its easy to pick up a few newborn if needed. I find Pennys stuff smaller fitting than Dunnes. Didn't find next too big either, ds was long tho. For day wear I dres babs in a short sleeve vest & then babygro over it. I had a cardi but rarely used it as the house was always warm. Again don't bother buying many outfits (although it's hard to resist!). I didn't put proper clothes on babs for few weeks and people tend to bring outfits as gifts, so i'd wait to see what you might get
Delphinium Posts: 3027
M&S also do an up to one month size which is in between newborn and 0-3 months so it wasn't swimming on DS. I found it perfect. DS wasn't small but he'd have been lost in 0-3 months for the first few weeks. Dunnes are rubbish. Their sizing is small in the first place. The babygros length from crotch to shoulder is very short and the legs very long. I found Marks the best for being proportionate and generously sized. Newborn could be a waste of time. They wouldn't have come near my fella anyway. He was 8lbs 15oz. My advice would be to get some Up to 1 month to start with and if baby is small they won't be as huge as 0-3 months. Definitely don't buy outfits. You'll get loads and you'll find you'll be putting them on once before they grow out of them.