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tilsun Posts: 4506
Girls I know this is a silly question. In fact I was too embarrassed to ask doctor :-8 I'm only at 4 weeks but really bloated so jeans etc are very tight. Happy enough to squeeze myself in (not the first time in life :o0 ) But I just want reassurance that it cannot do any harm to the bean. See I told you it was silly :-8
milis Posts: 7998
The bean is down under your pubic bone up to 11 weeks, you are doing no harm to him/her at all *)
Daff Posts: 11644
I was the exact same, it passed about week 9 i think. Maybe get a bigger trouser for work, you'll need it evnetually and will be much more comfortable. I fiound this especially when i got constipation (tmi sorry) about week 10 I also got belly bands which are a god send! HTH
tilsun Posts: 4506
Ah thanks girls, knew I was being silly but nice to have reassuarance :thnk