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ToBeSept05 Posts: 97
Hi I am just over 6 weeks pregnant and already feel as if my clothes are feeling uncomfortable on me, does or did anyone already feel like this at just 6 weeks. Maybe its just my imagination since I know I am pregnant. Thanks :D :)
andypandy28 Posts: 553
Im seven weeks and already none of my clothes fit. Im definitely showing and people have noticed. I had to wear low rise jeans. I know im going to be massive, im normally a size 12 and curvy but now Im like dolly parton, my boobs are huge, im starting to worry if im having twins. Everyone shows at different times. Some say the earlier you start to show the smaller you will be, so fingers crossed. Good luck for the rest of your Pregnancy :lol:
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
I'm exactly the same.. even more so today for some reason.. I'm worried because I have to wear a uniform for work.. i'm sitting at my desk with the fly and buttons of the trousers down, and have to try close them before I stand up from the desk in fear of they falling down!!!! I'm bit concerned over this as i think i might have to tell my boss, to get out of wearing this uniform.. but again 6 weeks is very short time, and I'm afraid of jinxing myself.. How far on were the rest of ye before ye told work?
Its a Secret Posts: 178
I am 12 weeks and my belly gets bigger in the evening- it's gas. Yesterday I wore a biggish pair of trousers and they were grand on me. After lunch I had to open the zip and button and hold them together with an elastic band (Thanks for the tip Madwoman). By last night my belly was the biggest I've seen it and so hard but so so exciting. Soho tipped that they have bump bands in topshop and New Look (I think) that hold up your trousers so I'm going to get some tomorrow and go up a size for the meantime too!
ToBeSept05 Posts: 97
Hi I am a size 12 normally, a bit curvy too, think I will have to go out and buy some clothes at the weekend but half afraid to as it is so early on, when I go home I am straight into my tracksuit bottoms. but dont want to tell anyone especially my friends, think I might have to avoid them for a while. Mums The Word, I had to go out on Wednesday evening and had to leave the button on my jeans open, its terrible isnt it, didnt think I would be like this so soon. Hopefully its true about showing early on. Best of luck -
MUMS THE WORD Posts: 733
Hi girls, hope some of ye can put my mind at rest.. as ye know i'm just over 6 weeks pregnant very very early... and i'm getting bigger every day... At the weekend my sister asked me straight out was i pregnant, and i had to tell my boss today as my uniform doesn't fit me!! I'm really worried that there might be something serious going on here, as i know i shouldn't be this big soo soon, i've made an appointment with the GP but that's not till tonight.. I don't think i'll last the day, i'm really stressing.. What do ye think folks, is this usual, normal, out of the ordinary or what.. any advice would really really help?
lamb nose Posts: 679
It is completely normal so don't worry about it!! I started showing around 7 weeks but it seems to have settled down now a bit. Was convinced something was wrong but lots of people have put me right. I honestly can not wait until it gets even bigger. At the moment it just looks like I have a bit of a pot belly. :oops:
ToBeSept05 Posts: 97
Yeah my belly looks funny, not pregnant though, cant wait for it to get a bit bigger and start to look pregnant instead of this funny shape. And to make matters worse my friend is having a dinner party this weekend and dont want to tell any of our friends yet, so I am going to have to find something a bit loose, which I normally dont wear baggy tops.