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Mistified Posts: 2680
I finally got to see Extras last night to discover it was the last of the series. Anyway, you know how you get so used to thinking of something you want to tell someone so you just reach for the phone to text them? Well when I saw it starting last night I reached for the phone and said "I must text Clucky", then realised that a) I don't know who Clucky is, and b) how on earth would I have her mobile number.
charli Posts: 5994
and you actually admitted to that :o0
clucky Posts: 26471
wow i actually at half eight thought to myself - must log on and remind mistified about extras then realised i dont have a computer at home, what did you think?
Mistified Posts: 2680
Spooky or what Clucky, that we both thought of contacting each other? It was funny, but yer man Linsey isn't enough of a celeb for me to really get it. Loved De Niro being in it though. The wanking scene was hilarious!
clucky Posts: 26471
didnt know who robert lindsay was couldnt believe it was de niro i thought it was a fake set up
Mistified Posts: 2680
Yeah, me too. I couldn't believe it when it was actually him. Fair play to him. It was some coup.
clucky Posts: 26471
my hubby started racking his brains to figure out how they got him and came to the conclusion that ben stiller who was in first series of extras must be mates with bob de niro and persuaded him to do it
kitten Posts: 893
it must be true love :thnk