Co-Sleeper or Crib?

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OurYear Posts: 1002
Hi Ladies, I used a crib on DD, but found she didn't really sleep great in it, I was thinking of looking into a co-sleeper this time, does anyone have any experience of them, versus a crib or moses basket?
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731
I used a cosleeper and found it brilliant. I was able to borrow it which was great because they can be expensive. LO was in it till about four/five months and for BF it was a lifesaver at night. I'm going to use it again this time and not bother with a moses basket, which I was also able to borrow.
Merrion Posts: 172
ACS can I ask what kind of co sleeper you had? I'm planning to get one but not sure between the mini or the universal. Was there any difficulty moving into the cot from being right beside you?
Anne Cordelia Shirley Posts: 4731 ... ba48c090fd I'm nearly sure this is the one we had, it was borrowed but it looks to be the same size. I put LO in the cot for her naps for a few weeks to get her used to it before we moved her for night sleeping but she was fine. She was in a cot in her own room at that stage and the night feeds were down to one/two a night so the transition was pretty smooth. I used two pillowcases folded over and under instead of sheets, saved on the washing as I only needed to wash the one that had been puked on!
wowza Posts: 556
I used a crib and liked it. Nothing wrong with it, but can't say I loved it (Except for how cute it was - I loved that) However, anyone I know who had a co-sleeper has always seemed to love it.