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Bigsurprise Posts: 961
Found this article interesting about the amount of caffeine in varying coffee outlets. it is something i miss. I used to have an americano every morning and a few cups of tea but have cut out the americano now and might have an alternative.
MRS NYEB2007 Posts: 3275
I was(still am) a coffee fiend but have cut down to one cappachino a day from some garage /shop - its mostly milk but I would be unable to function without it. From drinking so much of it for so long I would be able to taste where uses the most amount of caffine - Costa would deffo be up there on one of the highest, apple garages would come a close second, whereas McDonalds is tasty but fairly light caffine wise
holdingouthope Posts: 177
This article freaked me out when I read it. I gave up coffee for first 17 weeks, was so ill with morning sickness anyhow. Then spoke to consultant in hospital and she said 4-5 cups a day okay.. so I get a costa latte on my way to work most days... I'm sure it's fine! I don't drink tea or anything!! Who knows... :duh: