Cognitive behavioral therapy

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yankee Posts: 3
Hi I'm looking for some advise about Cognitive behavioral therapy. I suffer from panic attacks and am wondering if this would be of help to me Has anyone had cognitive behavioral therapy?? any advise would be greatly appreciated Thanks :wv
dizms Posts: 76
Hi Yankee yes CBT could possibly be helpful for your situation - its a form of therapy that addresses the interaction of 5 areas, thoughts, feelings, behaviour, physical responses and your environment. Eack interconnects to contribute to anxiety, low mood etc and CBT can help you unpick what areas are most influencing your situation. It does take alot of work and self reflection but works very well if you take to the reasoning behind it. Be sure you find someone with the right qualifications - CBT is not highly regulated so find a clinical psychologist or Counselling Psych who uses CBT is my advise. If curious you could check out 'Mind over mood' which is a self help treatment manual for anxiety/low mood etc. If in doubt get professional help - areas such as this are very debilitating and can be worked with (from professional experience) with the right support Good luck
debvander Posts: 47
Hi Yankee, sorry to hear you suffer from panic attacks as a long time suffered i know the feeling...I think its great that you have started a thread like this I have tried a little of the CBT and I found it brilliant I havent gone too deep into it though as I wanted to try hypnotheraphy etc. There are so many things out there now you can try so try them all and see which helps you most. I was on medication for it for a long time so my symptoms for numbed for a long time and its only now that im off the tablets im having to learn to control them.. Best of luck