cold and cough

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feelsobad Posts: 693
I have cough and cold for last 10 days and just can't shake - any suggestions for herbal or safe remedies?
Dootsay Posts: 958
Hi Chloe, I had an awful dose of a cold last week, I had to revert to panadol. My aunt is a midwife and she said that plain lemsip is safe to use because it's pure paracetemol. I also took taking Vitamin C & used scented tissues and vicks, my pg pal swears by lemon juice with hot water & honey - could be worth a try. Get well soon & keep warm :thnk
newyearbabs Posts: 686
For the cough the chemist gave me a bottle of glyerine honey & lemon which worked a treat I've used it a few times. Hope you feel better soon