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PearlBaby Posts: 532
So full of the moans today :o( but I have got a rotten cold. Coughing, sore chest and blocked nose. Any recommendations? Happened to be at the doc's this morning and she said only paracetamol but can anyone suggest any natural remedies? Also my back is so sore and I couldn't get comfy in bed even with my dream genie :o( Just having a horrible day really.
Mari yay Posts: 4045
You poor thing I am the same can't get comfy in bed, can't sleep, had a touch of vomiting bug and a cold. It's miserable, I am not normally a bad patient but this time I'm a moaning minnie. Have you tried warm water with honey and lemon? I've been taking this. Cold is not shifting as fast as I'd like but I think I am just rundown, not sure if I am completely over the bug either.
PearlBaby Posts: 532
Thanks Mari yay...what a crappy time we're both having then :o( I don't have any honey or lemon at home and DH is not home to later. Will get some tomorrow though or else I'll get my mum to get me something. My back is bothering me more though. Have a hospital appointment next Wednesday so hopefully they can suggest something. Eta... We've just moved home from one end of the country to the other so I'm sure that hasn't helped either.
pag Posts: 633
Try sterimar nasal spray or Neilmed sinusrinse for unblocking nose - they are both just saline/salt water and perfectly safe during pregnancy. I think Neilmed is magic stuff and will last for years. For chest try snufflebabe rub which helps with breathing and can also be put on soles of feet (cover with socks) to help ease coughing. Hot honey and lemon is great but any warm drink is good. You could also try the plain lemsip ( the ones with only paracetamol- not max) . Karvol is a decongestant capsule that you put into pint of hot water or put on pillow to help ease blocked nose. They contain pine, cinnamon and menthol. They can be used with babies over three months so ok during pregnancy. You only inhale the vapour so ok too. Hope you will be feeling better soon. Take care