Cold sores

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Carmen Posts: 510
Have a disgusting one on my lip at the moment. Does this mean that the virus has passed through to the baby and they will now be prone to them (obviously after they are born)? I also wonder if it is safe to take lysine at the moment. It does say to consult your doctor befor etaking on the bottle.
Sphynx Posts: 6795
My consultant told me to avoid using Zovirax unless the cold sore is really bad. But I know I used it before on the advice of my GP! The best person to ask is probably your local pharmacist. I don't know if the virus would affect the baby - I don't think it's anything to worry about.
Carmen Posts: 510
Must check with the pharmacist this evening because i have been using the zovirax. Never even thought about not being able to use it. I would just be worried for the baby having to suffer cold sores in its life. They are such a pain in the ar*e.
grumpy Posts: 1280
Hi Carmen. I can't find too much info on coldsores in pregnancy, apart from the "what can I use" question. However, it says that coldsores are passed by direct contact, or rarely, by someone touching their coldsore then touching someone else. The only type of herpes that you need to worry about being passed on is genital, and thats between you and your doctor :innocent:!
NewGirl Posts: 1143
I have suffered with coldsores all my life and have been taking lysiene for past 3-4 yrs, I have continued to take them through pregnancy too. I hope there are no side effects, I read somewhere that you shouldn't alter your diet completly during pregnancy, I think because I have been taking for so long now my body would react badly without themIYKWIM? They are herbal I think so csnt see how they'd do harm.
Carmen Posts: 510
I am so bad at taking the lysine. I only start whenever the cold sore appears! So i might just leave them because my body isnt really used to them. Its clearing up well now anyway so hopefully thats it for a very long time. Havent had one in ages so i thought i was getting away with it. As for the genital herpes, nothing to worry about there so!!