Colief Confusion & Gripe Water

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Sybil Fawlty Posts: 1541
Hi again, So we got a little bottle of colief but I'm confused. The aptamil says to make up the bottles only when you need them. But the colief drops need to be in the formula for a min 30 mins before feeding to baby. So if baby wakes, and wants bottle he isn't gonna wait 30 mins for the colief drops to do their stuff to the formula. Is it ok to make up the bottles of aptamil and keep in fridge? Then heat for a few mins before giving to babs> Also, anybody know can you get gripe water in the south?? Thanks.
loopey Posts: 215
Hey SF, My nephew turned 1 last week and my sister had him on aptamil, she always had the bottles made up for him so I cant see a problem with you having the bottles made up and heating them as you need them. She couldnt get gripe water in the South, we drove to Newry to get it. HTH
funkyfish Posts: 7626
i got it in thurles on sunday night thank god in a supermarket. i've seen it in dunnes too
madhatter Posts: 212
Colief needs 30 mins to work in any formula milk including aptamil. Aptamil is perfectly safe to be made up earlier and stored in the fridge with the colief in it. Gripe water in southern ireland was taken off the market because of the level of alcohol sodium bicarbonate and sugar in it which was considered too dangerous for small babies. The one now available from the UK which is alcohol free still has considerable levels of sodium bicarbonate. In any case its not remotely as good ast the old stuff.