Collecting Dad off flight from UK - swine flu

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notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Hi im 28 weeks pregnant and due to collect my Dad from the airport tomorrow, he has been in UK for 5 days attending a family event. Im concerned about him coming in contact with someone on the flight with swine flu (recycled air on the plane and all that) and then im in the car with him for 1.5hrs. Am i overreacting, i know the chances of catching it from him this way may be slim but the possible effects are so substantial.
Babystar Posts: 195
Personally I would not worry. I think the chances are so remote. And absolute worst case they can treat pregnant people with Tamiflu/ Relanza. You are more likely to be injured in a car crash on the trip, and I'm guess that wouldn't have stopped you going. However, if you are going to get stressed over it, then perhaps see if someone else can do it. Editted to add: I would also assume that even if worst case your Dad picked it up on the flight it wouldn't be developed enough in his system for him to pass it on to you straight away - ie it would take at least 24 hours for him to be contagious Good luck!
LMR Posts: 1925
Whilst I understand your concern, it is worth bearing in mind that swine flu is already in ireland and you are as likely to pick it up in mothercare as you are from your father. There have been far more cases in the UK, true, but its worth bearing in mind that the population of the UK is considerably larger than Ireland also. If you are really concerned by all means avoid your dad for a week or so.
notlongtogo Posts: 5040
Thanks for the replies. Im not going to collect him the chances of someone on the plane having it are probably high and with the recycled air he may not even have to come in direct contact with someone to be exposed. While it might not be sufficient for him to catch it with me being immuno suppressed id be at a higher risk. If i wasnt pregnant i wouldnt worry at all but id never forgive myself if i got it from being in a situation i could avoid.