Colm Cronin

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happyfamily Posts: 3323
Hi guys! Help needed. My dad is keen for me to book Colm Cronin for our wedding. There will be 200+ at the wedding and I am concerned that a one man band would not be suitable? That type of music does he play? Is it geared towards an older audience? Most of the crowd will be in their 20's!
buddylove Posts: 3288
Hey I was at a wedding a few yrs ago... He played alot of the older waltzy stuff and the aul seige of venice and all that for the dancing part and then did dj... I was a little worse for wear by the time the disco part came on but i dont remember anyone complaining. It was older style than other bands but i didnt think there was anything wrong with him. I think he does discos locally in west cork and kerry too so it cant be all old fashioned stuff he plays....
ros33 Posts: 202
there was a topic on him before hope that works!
vidia Posts: 2960
Dont know the man but I dont think a "one man band" could sustain a large wedding party - sorry, thats just my opinion.
Leftbank Posts: 2395
Hi ya Your guests sound little to young for him, i class his as a diddly eye.. nothing wrong with that and he is v popular in west cork but wouldnt be my cup of tea