Colonic Irrigation

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shelly Posts: 218
Does anyone know where this is done :oops: ??? A friend of mine is trying to persuade me to go and have one done with her - apparently works wonders ..... Did any of you every get one done. Thanks Shelly :oops:
Mr_D Posts: 38
Hi, myself and my wife went for a series of them a couple of years back in Limerick. The Ultimate Health Clinic on the Ennis Road does them. I found them fantastic, but my wife didn't. I used to get a lot of very bad wind and heart burn. After this, I was more aware of what I ate. I gave up bread which stopped the heart burn and ate more natural foods afterwards to help with digestion. It's an amazing process though and you really feel "clean" after it. I know it's not the most pleasant thing to think about, but if you can get over it, you'll be grand. You can see what "crap" comes out too which is an eye opener. Even bubbles of some sort of gas come out too. It's not that uncomfortable to have done either. So long as you don't mind having some person shove a little pipe up your .... The worst feeling is when you are full of water, it feels like you have the worst cramps you could possibly have, but the relief when she opens the tap is brilliant. I'd get them done all the time if I could afford it. If you are slightly overweight and know you don't eat the best food, you'll benefit more from it. I'm not overweight but found it excellent. My wife had bad candida and it got rid of a lot of it for a while, but she had to change her diet to kill it off. Hope this little rant helps Mr_D
snozberry Posts: 1212
hi shelly haven't had it done myself but know people who have.... mixed reports. one girl said it was so painful she nearly fainted and was in aching for days afterwards. the girl doing it said it was because she had a lot of gas in her system it can sometimes be 'uncomfortable'!! other view was that it was ok - doesn't make you lose any weight or anything but said it was a really weird sensation. She is going back as they recommended 4 - 6 sessions to do the job thoroughly!!! do try and make sure you have 'been' that day and the best recommendation for it is that Dr gillian woman saying about when you go you should try and put your feet up on the likes of a small step (like children use to reach the sink!) as this clears you better. She actually told this to Pat Kenny on the Late late - and I must say its true!!! so I suppose its what you want out of it really ( excuse the pun!!) but it does sound like your friend is just too nervous to go on her own!!
shelly Posts: 218
thanks for the advice. I'm in too minds about it, i do eat fairly healthy, i have bran flakes every morning without fail since the new year and i have to say there is a lot more on the move, sorry dont' want to sound too crude..... oh this is sooo embarrassing, i can imagine myself sniggering/fainting/legging it at the girl when she says " now i'm just going to insert......"
Tinkerbell Posts: 10
Hello, This will give you a little laugh, I eventually plucked up the courage to go and just as she released the tap and the waste was begining to pass through the tube I just felt so out of control of my body that I actually got weak and went to faint. Its very funny to think of it now and the few minutes that followed. Basically what I really hated was the feeling that you were 'crapping yourself', (so sorry for the crudeness) but that is how I felt. Hope you have a better experience. Tina
snozberry Posts: 1212
but did you feel it was worth the money???? did it make any difference to you at all?
Polly Posts: 20
I have just booked a session to go to a lady in the West and she was so busy the soonest appointment I could get was the 23rd Feb... kind of nervous at the though of it but hopefully it will be okay....
Ellie Posts: 1
To any of you who are thinking of having this done, please think about what you are doing. Your body is perfectly working machine. Any "toxins" are dealt with automatically by the liver and by the kidneys - they're very efficient and very good at it. If you go for a colonic, you are upsetting the balance of microbiotics in your colon. You're paying someone who is unlikely to have any medical qualifications to pump water up your arse. If they get it the wrong temperature, they could kill you. (I kid you not, your body would go into shock) If they do not sterilise their equipment properly they could kill you (or make you very ill) It seems to me an awfully risky thing to be doing, for no actual health benefit. However, if you DO decide to go ahead, please be very careful in picking a practitioner, as some places obviously will be better than others. For my money, I'd rather spend the 100 euros on a facial or nice massage. For some background reading, have a look at the following articles, ... astro.html ... onics.wmd/
SandraM Posts: 1112
I agree with Ellie. There's no way that it can be good for you - it's totally unnatural and is akin to making yourself vomit. If you feel the need to detox there are plenty of much safer ways of doing it. A consultation with a qualified nutritionist would go a lot further towards sorting out any digestive problems you have. Also, the friendly bacteria that inhabit your intestines would be washed out of your system as well, leaving you open to all sorts of immune problems. As Mr_D says - it sorted out his wife's candida for a while but she had to change her diet to clear it up for good. The best way to sort out any problems in the body via alternative methods is to nourish it with what will do it good - not flush out any badness - you'll end up throwing the baby out with hte bathwater, so to speak.... Just my opinion...... Lma
( ! ) Posts: 345
[color=indigo:yngb5dws]Yeah have to agree with you Elle... a lot of doctors who deal with bowel disease are really against them... regular use can actually irritate the lining of the bowel leading to much bigger problems... a good detox diet every now and again and a health diet will have much better benefits.. any repetitive irritation of the bowel lining can actually cause cancer later on.[/color:yngb5dws]