colour co-ordinating!!! Help!!!

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bada_bing Posts: 109
Hi Girls I've been told that we have to colour co-ordinate EVERYTHING with everything else, eg the bridesmaids dresses with the suits with my dress with the flowers with the invitations and so on and so on...... :ooh Anyway, the thought of this scares do you do it???? My bridesmaids are going to be wearing black, does that mean the guys have to wear black, and do i have to have BLACK FLOWERS????? I really need some advice as I'm driving myself into a black frenzy here.... Any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!! Jobean
jinnyjo Posts: 10
Not at all Jobean - I mean good luck finding black flowers! My friend had black bridesmaids dresses and the gyus had silver/grey waistcoats and ties... I think she had red roses in her bouquet which looked very dramatic.
Toblerone Posts: 2698
Hi Jobean, who said all had to co-ordinate??? I would say that black flowers would be difficult to come by!! I'd go fo what you want - maybe people say to coordinate cause it's easier to plan with fewer colours, ie you don't have to worry about matching everything.
bada_bing Posts: 109
Thanks girls, the panic is subsiding!!! Was breaking out in sweats at the thought of my goth-seque wedding party!! So you dont really have to co-ordinate, its just a convenience thing?? Are there any no-nos colours wise? Went for my first dress trying on today in bridal heaven in swords, all on my own :o( didnt see anything that bowled me over but nice to get an idea all the same.
HarmattanRose Posts: 1444
My BM who I previously was BM for had black bridesmaid dresses. She had yellow cala lilies and champagne roses for her flowers (along with hypericum berries) The men were in gold waistcoats. Looked Great. *) You might be in quite a few dress shops before you see something you like, you might be lucky and get it quite quickly. Good luck, enjoy and don't stress :wv
BellaBee Posts: 2506
I think the rule of thumb is to try and limit the main colours of you theme to 3, 4 at most and that includes the colour of your dress. If black is your BM colour you have absolutely loads of options of colours to go with!! BTW if you are so inclined, I will say we got 2 lovely black invitations to weddings this year, they are sooo gorgeous, simple and elegant - absolutely loved them, in both cases nicest I've ever seen.
bada_bing Posts: 109
Thanks! Any tips on where to look for dresses? The champagne and yellow flowers with the gold waistcoats sounds lovely!!
bada_bing Posts: 109
oooh thanks libran :wv do you know by any chance where those invitations are from? I've almost finalised choosing my invites, they're from , soooo cute! But would love to see the black ones, they sound proper gorgeous!
BellaBee Posts: 2506
Just had a look at baglady - some nice ones there. If you've found something you want go for it, it'll be one less thing to organise :wv Just took a peek at those invites I got, would you believe theres no branding at the back on either. One of them looks like Lantz judging by the little pic - its similar to one another friend of mine had - I've no idea about the other one. Sorry can't be more helpful.
Angel! Posts: 1494
Hi there, I was BM a few years ago for my Dad's wedding. We wore black dresses and had pink roses. They looked STUNNING against the black...