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sunny505 Posts: 1807
I posted a while back about doing this. Well I went for it this week with one of my bridesmaids. I highly recommend it. To start she stood me in front of a mirror and explained exactly how to work out what shape I am. I am an hourglass - well when she showed me, I could totally see it. Whereas before, all I would look at was my tum and bum to check if I looked fat!! What I never really understood before was that it doesn't matter if you are a size 8 or a size 16 but you should be dressing for your shape as opposed to size. Then she went through all the clothes that would suit me - tops, dresses (Wedding dresses!!), coats, trousers, etc. Next she did my colours and showed me what colours to put with others. Then she did a full make up consultation - made me up fully and it looked amazing. She also spoke about what size bags and jewellery we should wear. She did tricks with scarves with us. Finally she said do you mind if I do something with your hair - she caught two pieces, twisted and pinned them. Looked great. I think everyone should do this - it would be a fab pressie for the women in your life. Possibly some people are really good with clothes and make-up and don't need it. But I learned soooo much.
LittleFoot Posts: 480
Couldn't agree more sunny505, everyone should do one of these consultations, it really makes people feel good and happy with their over all look and it also saves a hell of a lot of money as your not buying things that you'll never end up wearing because of second thoughts. Its great for b2b's too so they can choose their dresses with confidence! I'm in the process of doing courses to become a colour and image consultant which is a similar idea, I love it!
cookies_gal Posts: 450
What price is that - sounds great!!
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Because there were two of us it was €190 each, normally I think it is something like €230. It kind of sounds like a lot. But I have spent that on at least two outfits that have never had an outing (so frustrating) and the two of us went to her together and she gave us 5 hours!!! Absolutely flew!! I came home. H2B thought I looked fab. So we sat up in bed and I started telling him all my news. Then I said come over to mirror and I'll show you my shape. He goes 'no, I'll do it'!! Says to me - see here your shoulders and your hips are same width and you go in just at waist - you're an hourglass. Well I was absolutely flabbergasted. Then I said fine what is BM. He says triangle - right again!! Cutest thing was he text me during it asking was I nearly finished my 'colour me a little more beautiful'. Awww, love him so much :lvs :lvs :lvs
Miss Muffet Posts: 612
I did this was back when I was 18 & have lived by it religiously ever since. It's definitely somehting every girl should do.
florrie Posts: 17
Sounds like a really enjoyable day. Could you please send me the details of the consultant you did it with? It's something the women in my family have been on about for a long time! :thnk
sonopotere Posts: 1124
Would love to do somethin like this, could really use it! what happens on the actual day? Do ya bring a load of spending money with ya and go shopping or do you just meet up somewhere and they recommend types of clothes to ya?
sunny505 Posts: 1807
Just pm'd you there, Florrie. Sonopotere, it doesn't quite work like that. I went to the lady's house and she figured out my body shape. Then explained all the types of clothes that would suit me. I brought with me about ten outfits and she explained why they are or are not good on my shape. She did my make up there too and also worked out the best colours to suit me. If you do want, she does personal shopping at €45 an hour. Basically for this, she meets you before hand to see your shape and colouring and get an idea of the type of clothing you are looking for. Then she goes shopping and picks out possible outfits. Then when you meet at a shopping centre, for example, there is no waste of time and she will bring you directly to the clothes she had in mind for you and it is up to you to decide if you want to buy or not. This process would prob take two hours.
Princess Lisa Posts: 379
I'm getting this for my mother next w/e to help her with her MOB outfit shopping. Can't wait, she gets stressed easily so hoping this will help to guide her to the right outfit!
DiamondWife Posts: 1347
sunny505 would you mind pm'in me the details - it sounds fab - thank in advance :thnk