Colour of Brides Shoes ? Views pls?

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mallownic Posts: 57
Hello all, i will be an October bride & my b/maids are wearing navy. So i was walking through debenhams today & spotted the cutest pair of navy peep toe sparkly shoes. they fit perfect & perfect height & price & sparkle so i bought them. But my mother and few work mates were horrified that i picked a navy pair and said i couldnt that i had to go along the lines of colour of my dress. my dress long so they really wont be seen with the exeption of someone asking to see them. i know its my own decision & i should do what makes me happy and all that but im a bit confused now.. can ye tell me what colours ye are wearing ?
JanetSnakehole Posts: 116
I had blue shoes! They were my something blue! People loved them and I got lots of comments on the day. If you :heartbeat: the navy pair you spotted in Debenhams I say go for it!!
Bridiekk Posts: 272
I am having light blue shoes. I say if you like them - go for it. You're much more likely to wear them again than a pair of ivory ones. They will hardly be seen unless your dress is short and even then I think they sound lovely!
lisavd Posts: 63
I would say go for them! At the end of the day I find the point that they are perfect height and fit you comfortably the most important. Also, white/Ivory and navy sound like a great match! Great idea for the something blue! You should like them and feel comfy and besides, no one will see them so what does it matter if anyone else is not into blue wedding shoes.
scaredshtless Posts: 65
I had black and white wedding, loved them...well until I replaced them later on with custom converse.
craftyPB Posts: 2625
I love brides that wear coloured shoes!! I planned to but yellow shoes looked bad with my ivory dress...I say go for it!!
mallownic Posts: 57
thanks girls ye have me feeling good again about my fab shoes "scaredshittless" i was thinking the exact same thing - to get a pair of white converse for the night time and dancing and to bling them up myself - have u any tips on that ? xx
Dunvara Posts: 127
def go with the navy, I think it Looks great, especially for the photos!my shoes don't match the bridesmaid or even the dress they're like a champagne/gold colour. I wanted to go with a colour that matched the bm's but I could nt get it!
eleoc42 Posts: 199
Deffo Navy . . they sound gorgeous!
CoolInterestingUserName Posts: 326
I'm getting electric blue shoes (they match my grooms tie) I think navy will be fab! :lvs