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conatyd Posts: 50
hi... finally sorted my bridesmaids dresses & they are gorgeous on the girls :D ...but ( there's always a 'but' ) I am rubbish at matching colours and nervous of what to advise MIL2B & my mum to wear. :roll: My dress is Ivory & the bridesmaids are a darkish pink ( Not fuscia )...would differnet types of pinks look odd int he pictures or what!! :shock: ? any help is appreciated!
carlowbride05 Posts: 67
Hi Conatyd That's the colour scheme I'm thinking of as well! I think if you tell the mums the colour of the bridesmaid dresses they should be able to come up with a few ideas themselves on what to wear. I think a lilac, soft pink or green would be lovely for either your mum or MIL2B. I don't think different pinks would look out of place in the photos though. Good luck.
conatyd Posts: 50
a nice lilac could be very nice actually, cheers! im just nervous of one of them picking something mum wants to wear fuscia and my H2B's mum is a little more old fashioned & will probably wear something completely mental with a huge hat covered in fruit!! :oops: :shock: ! i suppose i'll just pre-warn them not to buy anything without checking with me first! ta for that